More and more people do not install curtains in their homes, and now it is popular to install them like this, which is bright and clean!

In interior decoration, houses with balconies have good lighting and ventilation effects, and many people will install curtains in decoration, but there are too many types of curtains in the decoration market, and the quality is not good. Not one, which brings trouble to the choice of owners. In fact, nowadays rich people no longer install curtains in their homes, but window film is popular, so that the house looks cleaner and does not affect the lighting.

More and more people do not install curtains at home

Indoor curtains It is nothing more than to ensure the privacy of life, and also has a certain decorative effect. But the curtains also have many defects, such as the track rods on the curtains are exposed to the outside, which is ugly. Moreover, the curtain area is very large, and it is very difficult to clean. Some curtains have insufficient light transmission effect and are not breathable. Staying in this environment for a long time will cause dull and depressed psychology.

And after we put a layer of film on the window, the window will not look so clear, there is a little mosaic effect, which can enhance the privacy of the space. Like the window film in the bathroom or the window film in the bedroom, it will not affect the light in the room, and it can also protect personal privacy.

Due to the special material of the film, it can play a certain role in heat insulation, and can block 60%-80% of heat and certain ultraviolet rays, so that the sun will not be so strong when it shines into the room through the window. The glare, so that there will be no damage to human skin and indoor furniture. In addition, after the window film is applied, the indoor temperature can also be reduced by about 3%-5%.

Some furniture is prone to discoloration because it is exposed to sunlight for too long. To reduce the damage of furniture, we can put a film on the windows, which can reduce the heat of the sun and block the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to furniture.

Specific steps for window filming

1. Before window filming, The first is to cut the film, mainly to cut the glass film according to the size of the glass, so as to avoid errors when pasting it.

2. The glass needs to be thoroughly cleaned, then spray more water on it, and scrape it several times with the film until the glass is free of dandruff and shines brightly.

3. Before sticking the film, you need to spray some water on the glass, and after cleaning the glass, you need to spray a layer of water, mainly for better paving.

4. Spray some water on the film when sticking the film. The main purpose is to separate the two layers of film, and then spray some water on the glue surface of the film.

5. When sticking the film, scrape off the water between the film and the glass, pay attention to slowly scraping the water out, and scrape it flat, and finally cut off the excess corners of the film.

Top Ten Glass Film Brands

Ranking: 3M (English: 3M)

3M (founded in 1902 in the United States, Internationally recognized enterprise pioneer in the field of R&D, global diversified technology enterprise, top ten brands of glass film, 3M China Co., Ltd.)

3M Company, 3M China Co., Ltd., founded in 1902 in the United States, the world’s top 500 Enterprise, a global diversified technology enterprise, is famous for its wide range of products and innovation. It is one of the most famous large enterprises in the world and one of the most respected enterprises in the world.

Ranked second place: Llumar (English: llumar)

Lumar (a world-renowned brand of Solutia’s subsidiary company, produced by CPFilms, a leading window film manufacturer, Beijing Lidun Hongda Technology Co., Ltd.)

CPFilms is a global glass film manufacturer, and has achieved remarkable achievements in the fields of research and technology development, optimized production, global distribution and customer service. LLumar professional glass film is produced according to strict quality standards, the surface is scratch-resistant, and the performance and quality guarantee will not change for many years.

Ranked third: GlobalPETFilms, Inc. (Global window film company)

Ranked fourth: HanitaCoatings (Israel HANITA company)

Ranked fifth: Ray-Ban (English: letbon)

Ray-Ban (China Famous Trademark, Fujian Province Famous Trademark, Xiamen Famous Trademark, Member of American IWFA Heat Insulation Film Association, Xiamen Zhangtai Heat Insulation Film Co., Ltd.)

So far, Ray-Ban automobile heat insulation film brand 29 direct sales distribution service networks have been established in various provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. Almost every municipality and provincial capital has Ray-Ban direct sales service companies, managing more than 4,000 authorized franchise stores. At the same time, Ray-Ban car insulation film has also become the designated film brand of many well-known car 4S stores.

Ranked Sixth: St. Emilion Home Decoration Film

St. Emilion Home Decoration Film brand, domestic color decoration, crystal color film industry leading brand. Patented technology, safe and reliable. Leading the new trend of home decoration.

Ranking 7th: Jazz JOINNS (glass film, headquartered in California, USA, Shenzhen/Beijing/Jinan)

Ranking 8th: Top 100 BECHAMP (glass film, Beijing Central Europe Classic architectural decoration)

ranked ninth: Bekaert (English: bekaert)

Bekaert (founded in 1880, the world’s leading steel wire drawing products and A manufacturer and supplier of product applications, a well-known brand in the industry, Bekaert Group)

Bekaert began to expand from Western Europe, and then expanded its business to North America and Latin America, headquartered in Belgium. Relying on its two core competencies, advanced metal deformation technology and advanced material and coating technology, Bekaert is committed to profitable and sustainable business growth. Maintain a global leadership position in terms of sales.

Tenth place: Madico

The last thing I want to say is , In the purchase of window film, everyone must choose a good quality film, so that its characteristics can be displayed. Inferior window film is not only not durable, but also not anti-ultraviolet at all! If you have any recommended window film brands, you can also leave a message below!

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