How many installation methods are there for curtain rods? How to choose?

When customizing curtains, we usually encounter the selection of curtain rods. Although the curtain rods are not particularly obvious, the society now has certain requirements for decoration. When facing the installation of curtain rods It is no exception. There are several types of curtain rods. I believe that everyone does not know much about the types of curtain rods. So let’s learn about some content of curtain rods with the editor today!

1. Types of curtain rods

1. Standards can be divided into many types, half of which are bright rods and dark rods. Bright rods are curtain rods that can see the color of the rod and the shape of the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head). Contrary to the bright rod, the dark rod is often placed in the curtain box, and the rod itself cannot be easily seen.

2. Curtain rods can also be divided according to the way they are hung. They are generally divided into two types: pulley guide rails and Roman rods. These two names are also relatively common. The Roman rod is just a kind of curtain hanging, because it has decorative heads at both ends, like Roman columns, so it is called a Roman rod. The Roman rod is directly exposed to the outside, and the two ends are fixed on the wall. The rod itself is decorative. It belongs to the bright rod and is also a common curtain rod in the market. The curtain track is a plastic (metal) strip with grooves. Generally, it needs to be covered by a curtain box. Generally, it is not directly installed on the outside. Now the curtain track is used less, only for some opposite-sex windows or balcony floor-to-ceiling windows.

3. Curtain rods can be divided according to the material they are made of. According to the material, the pulley guide rails can be divided into aluminum alloy and plastic guide rails. etc.; Roman stems can be divided into iron, wood, aluminum alloy, copper, plastic and other Roman stems.

4. There is also a relatively clear division method that curtain rods can be divided into single-track, double-track or even multi-track according to the structure. As the name suggests, single-track can only hang one curtain, while double-track can be installed on both sides. The screen window is equipped with thick curtains on one side, which is convenient to use. Owners can choose according to their needs.

Second, how to choose curtain rods

1. Coordination The decoration style of the house

Although the curtain rod is only a small part, we should also pay attention to the details of the home decoration. It can be matched with the overall home style, so that the overall color beauty of the room is coordinated. In addition to the basic needs of convenience, beauty, durability, etc.; according to the shape of the edge of the window, special elbows and functional ring brackets can be selected to meet the needs of different customers.

2. Material selection

Curtain rods can be distinguished according to their materials. The curtain rods are made of metal and wood. The iron rod head is matched with silk or gauze curtains. When used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between rigidity and softness. The wooden club head gives people a sense of warmth and fullness, and the range of use and collocation style are not limited, so it is suitable for living rooms with various functions. And the wooden curtain rod, matched with a monochromatic or simple line curtain cloth, is a constant and ever-changing country style collocation. Use a large grid pattern to make curtains, and still need to match wooden curtain rods, a good English rural style is fully displayed.

3. Anti-deformation

The curtain rod is used to bear the weight of the curtain after all, and the general manufacturers often play tricks on the materials in order to cut corners , the thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the load-bearing capacity of the pole, and the more prone to accidents during use in the future. It is recommended that the designer ask the salesperson more when choosing, or remove the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head) by himself, and see the essence through the phenomenon. Generally speaking, the thicker the better.

4. The choice between bright rods and dark rods

In the past, dark rods were used There are many in home decoration, but the fashion trend of “light decoration, heavy decoration” in modern society is being welcomed and accepted by more and more families. On the contrary, bright poles are often placed in curtain boxes, so that people can’t easily see the pole itself. The once popular “dark rod” decoration method has become more and more outdated and almost eliminated.

The above is about the classification of curtain rods and the precautions for purchase. When customizing curtains, it is necessary to choose curtain rods. In recent years, the installation method of curtain rods has been favored by many people. , has gradually become a trend, so we might as well learn more about the contents of the curtain rod before purchasing curtains, in case of emergency.

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