Curtain furniture matching? Curtain Furniture Selection Guide

In the decoration of home, curtains and furniture are two elements that cannot be ignored. How to match curtains and furniture plays an important role in the overall effect of the home. There are also certain principles of skill in collocation. Let’s take a look at the matching methods of curtain furniture, and introduce to you the purchase guide of curtain furniture for your reference when decorating your home.

Curtain furniture matching

1. If the furniture style is more Southeast Asian style, The home adopts light white tones, and the innovative style can integrate Southeast Asian elements and Chinese traditional artistic conception in the way of matching. In the choice of curtains, you can use the method of contrasting shades, such as choosing a calm dark coffee tone curtain, and choosing a light color gauze curtain, which visually gives people a rustic cultural atmosphere.

2. For bedrooms with the theme of Nordic style, the color of the furniture is usually white and light beige, so the curtain fabric can use dark printed patterns, which are concise and clear, and can also highlight the Nordic style. The wind is simple and generous; the gauze curtain can choose white to make the space have a relaxed atmosphere. For the study room, the Nordic style can also be used as the theme, the color of the furniture is also mainly white, the curtains can use light beige stripes, and the gauze curtains can be white to create a relaxed learning atmosphere.

3. For the living room, calmness and generosity are the theme of the design, so the matching of furniture and curtains should also reflect this. The living room furniture should be dominated by calm dark tones. For matching curtains, choose plain light yellow velvet fabrics or dark shell-pattern velvet fabrics to make the atmosphere of the space look peaceful. Choose gauze curtains with rhythmic circles Patterns reflect a sense of calm with simple shapes and soft colors.

Guide to Choosing Curtain Furniture

1. Curtains are an important part of home decoration Components, as the curtains that reflect a large area of color in the home, the color embodiment should take into account the size, shape and orientation of the room. Use warm colors for a cozy effect, and cool colors for a wide, elegant look. If the home combination is too strong, you can use neutral or non-color curtains as connecting colors.

2. At present, there are many kinds of curtains in the curtain market, such as cloth curtains, gauze curtains, European-style lifting curtains, water curtains, bamboo curtains, roller blinds, venetian blinds, etc., and the selection of curtains is mainly based on The overall style and the owner’s preference are used to configure the curtains. Proper selection of curtain materials and colors can enhance the beauty of the room.

3. In terms of materials, furniture can be divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, fabric furniture, rattan art, and paper furniture that has become popular in modern times. No matter what kind of material the furniture is made of, it must be considered to match the overall style of the home when purchasing, such as matching the color of curtains, floors, walls and other parts.

4. When purchasing furniture, the furniture should be considered as a supporting object in the indoor environment. The color and style of the furniture and the color of the indoor environment can be coordinated and complement each other; Whether it plays a positive role or not is something that people must consider when purchasing furniture.

There are some norms and conventions in terms of methods and principles for the matching of curtains and furniture. Generally speaking, it should not be too different, and it should meet the public’s aesthetic standards. Therefore, the matching of curtain furniture is not only carried out after decoration, but also in the design of home decoration, so that we can be sure when purchasing curtain furniture.

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