It turns out that the curtain has so many functions, its function is not only blackout but also these!

Curtains are decorations, and every window in the house needs a curtain, which is convenient for our life to shade and protect privacy. Don’t underestimate the curtains. In fact, the curtains have many functions, and they play their functions in your home all the time. Today, the editor will popularize the knowledge about the functions of the curtains!

Function 1: shading — messenger of light adjustment

Shading: one point You can lose sleep all night with light, and it is not easy to take a nap at noon without curtains. None of this is a problem if you have a blackout curtain in your bedroom, allowing you to sleep as long as you want, keeping you in the dark.

Adjust the light: choose a venetian blind for the study, or install a layer of window screen for the living room, to soften the light and create a comfortable atmosphere. On weekends, enjoy a leisurely afternoon with a cup of coffee and a book. If there are no curtains, this beauty only exists in your imagination. You must know that the light is very strong during noon and afternoon, and reading under strong light is not very good for eyesight.

Function 2: Adjust the indoor temperature—insulate heat in summer and keep warm in winter

Curtains are the coat of the house in the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, blocking people who want to go into the house The biting cold wind is drilled; and in the hot summer, the curtains are the protective cover of the home, which isolates the heat from the smoke outside, so as to prevent the heat from stealing the cold air produced by the air conditioner.

Function 3: Block ultraviolet rays— sunscreen shirts for furniture

You know What is the culprit for the fading and aging of the delicate floor, carpet, sofa, bookcase and other furniture in the home? It’s purple! outside! Wire! Hanging curtains is equivalent to putting on a sun protection shirt for the home to protect the appearance of the furniture and prolong the service life of the furniture.

Function 4: Protect privacy— avoid outsiders disturbing

Home is the best A relaxed, unguarded place. Now that windows are getting bigger and bigger, and the distance between buildings is getting closer and closer, curtains, the privacy guards, can prevent outsiders from disturbing you and protect your life from prying eyes.

Function 5: Dust-proof— guard against dust

Dust is everywhere, especially in dry winter, open the window for one day and clean it for three days . More importantly, letting dust fly into the room is not conducive to the respiratory health of family members. At this time, a curtain of window screen is needed at home, which can not only block most of the dust, but also ventilate and keep the indoor air fresh.

Function 6: Decorate the space— the facade of the home

Appearance Namely justice! Textured curtains are a large decorative painting in the home, a reflection of the owner’s taste, and the finishing touch to enhance the style of the home. It is the fa?ade of the home, and different styles of spaces need to be matched with different styles of curtains!

Function 7: Adjust mood — bring joyful mood

The color of different curtains can adjust different moods. Pure and quiet dark curtains can make people calm and peaceful. Fresh and bright light-colored curtains can make people feel happy. After a day of work, when you come home and see the green walls, your tired body and mind will be relieved.

Unexpectedly, curtains have so many functions. We usually underestimate its existence. When choosing curtains, we should not only consider its beauty but also its practicality. In the bedroom, we need better shading properties to ensure our rest. The living room needs to be beautiful, to better decorate our home, so choose curtains carefully, let the curtains better embellish your home!

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