How to calculate the size of curtains

How to calculate the curtain size? I believe this problem will be considered when purchasing curtains after decoration. If the curtains are made too big and wasteful, and if they are made small, it will affect the appearance and use. Therefore, we must have certain control over the size. Don’t think that it’s okay if a merchant comes to measure Don’t worry about it, if you don’t want to be cheated, you should learn how to calculate the size of the curtains yourself.

How to calculate the curtain size?

1. Floor-to-ceiling windows:

(1) If you plan to make curtains for a whole wall, the width should be to the left and right walls The width and height should be from below the curtain rod to about 3 cm from the ground.

(2) If you do not plan to make curtains for the entire wall, the width should be determined according to the length of the curtain rod, and the height is still the same as above.

(3) The installation position of the curtain rod should be about 10cm-15cm upward from the upper edge of the window frame. Generally, it is installed sideways on the wall, which is more beautiful and easy to use. If it is a track, you can generally choose side installation or top installation, which is basically the same as the installation position of the pole.

2. Waist window (half window):

The curtain method of this kind of window is basically the same as that of the floor-to-ceiling window, and the height should be To the hanging ring of the pole or track, the bottom should be about 15cm-20cm beyond the lower edge of the window. If there is a desk or cabinet under the window, just measure some on the countertop.

3. Bay window:

Now many buildings make the windows of the room into bay windows, also called bay windows , There are also different methods for the curtains of this type of bay window. The commonly used one is to install curtains and screens in the bay window. This method mainly uses two bendable rails. Measure the width from the left and right side windows to the inner window, and then measure the length from the left frame opening to the right frame opening. The sum of the three dimensions is the required width of the curved rail and the curtain (for example, the distance from the left and right sides to the inner window 1 meter each, 2 meters from the left frame to the right frame, then 1+1+2 is 4 meters, which is the required width), and the height is the size from the top to the table; the other is to hang the curtain on the bay window Outside, it is made into a floor-standing one, and the measurement method is the same as that of the floor-standing one. The yarn is placed inside the bay window, which is the same as the previous method (single curved rail).

4. Shooting windows and other small windows:

If it is a relatively small window or a window that opens outwards The curtains can be installed inside the window frame, and the style of the curtains can be selected from Roman blinds, bamboo and wood fabric landscape roller blinds, various venetian blinds, etc. The size of such curtains only needs to measure the height and width of the inner frame. It is convenient and good-looking without wasting space.

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