What should I pay attention to when ordering curtains? Curtain calculation method?

Curtains are already an indispensable product in our home, and some friends often change the curtains. Some people say that changing the curtains is equivalent to changing the mood, and the curtains are very important for the home very important. But do you know what to pay attention to when customizing curtains? And what are the calculation methods for curtains? Today, I will take you to understand the relevant content together, hoping to help you.

What to pay attention to when making curtains

1. Roman rod or slide rail Price: 10 to 40 yuan for ordinary Roman poles, 6 to 30 yuan for slide rails, this merchant generally does not add too much price.

2. Hooks: If you don’t pay attention to this subtle place, it will be concealed by the merchants. In fact, the curtains don’t need many hooks, but the merchants will directly add a lot of hooks, so as to add money. In fact, the merchants can give hooks as gifts , otherwise the detailed calculation needs the number.

3. Straps: The straps for tying curtains can be made of cloth, but the merchant will charge about 20 yuan for one.

4. Accessories: General merchants will say that accessories are 5 to 20 yuan per meter, and lace is 3 to 10 yuan per meter. Among them, lace is made of lace, and lace uses a lot of materials. After calculation, it will cost a lot.

5. Decorative yarn: The price of decorative yarn is different in the market. Consumers first ask the merchant to tell how much it is, and then negotiate the price with him.

6. Floor-to-ceiling curtains: There is another point that needs to be paid attention to when customizing curtains. Merchants will recommend floor-to-ceiling curtains, so you must have Roman poles. The price is much more expensive, and an extra floor-to-ceiling curtain will cost at least 150 yuan more.

Calculation method for curtains

1. Let me tell you about the curtains Calculation method of materials used: Curtains have different specifications, generally there are two kinds of 1.5 meters width and 2.8 meters width. For example, the door width of 1.5 meters is calculated like this: For example, the window width is 3 meters and the window height is 2.4 meters. Height, (2.4+0.2 (upper and lower sides))*4=10.4 meters.

2. Calculation method of curtains with wide door width and fixed height cloth: At present, most curtains are fixed height cloth with a door width of 2.8 meters, so the length of curtain meters is calculated based on the window width. Width * A certain ratio (this ratio is to make the curtain cloth form wrinkles, which can be 1.6 7, 1.8 or 2, and generally js will require 2, which is called making the curtain look good).

3. Personally, I think 1.8 is enough. The dressing is the cloth hook, and only the upper side is counted in the calculation. Lead wires are available or not, but js will require installation, a few on the left and right and a few on the bottom, and no one on the top. js relies on this to make money, and would rather lower the price of cloth yarn to attract customers, and then kill you without discussing it. In fact, I think there is one lead wire on each side). I personally think that two lead wires on the left and right are enough

All the knowledge about what to pay attention to when ordering curtains and the calculation method of curtains above is because everyone’s requirements for materials are getting higher and higher, so the market’s Curtains can no longer satisfy the hearts of some consumers, so custom-made curtains have become popular, and you can customize curtains according to your own preferences, but many people do not understand some problems about custom-made curtains, so it is necessary to refer to this article article.

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