I heard that the bedroom curtains are chosen in this way, which is good for sleep

The function of curtains in the bedroom is different from that in the living room. The bedroom is a place for people to rest, so the curtains need to play their role to promote the quality of sleep of the owner. The material, color, and comfort of curtains all have an impact on sleep, so how can we choose curtains that help sleep?

1. Choice of curtain color

The color of the curtain will affect our sleep quality, choose a neutral and stable color, It can relieve people’s tension and make the room more elegant.

The bedroom is a place to rest, try not to use too pure colors or too strong contrast, and focus on light, so as to ensure sleep. Sometimes the bedroom needs sunlight, and sometimes it does not need sunlight at all, so it is best to choose curtains with better shading properties to achieve the effect of adjusting the sunlight at any time. Also pay attention to curtains with good ventilation performance to keep the indoor air fresh.

Suggestion: Young people can choose light green or light blue colors, which are fresher, more natural, and more pleasant. For couples, when choosing the color of bedroom curtains, it is best for both parties to prefer the color. In addition, it is also important to choose warmer colors. Of course, different curtain colors should be selected according to the changes of the four seasons. Good curtains The color is available in all seasons. It is better to use curtain colors such as white, green, blue, orange and red.

For the bedroom of the elderly, it is suitable to choose a solemn and elegant color, which is more in line with the psychological quality of the elderly. Generally speaking, double-layer curtains are more suitable for the elderly. A thin layer of gauze can be drawn during the day to properly adjust the brightness of the room and protect the eyes of the elderly from the stimulation of strong light. The other layer is made of cotton thick cloth curtain, which has better air permeability and can guarantee a certain degree of warmth. It can prevent the elderly from catching cold at night. At the same time, heavy curtains can create a quiet environment, which is conducive to sleep.

The curtains in children’s rooms generally have a naive and romantic imagination. Curtains with cartoon patterns are liked by children and are helpful to his growth.

2. Selection of curtain material

Curtains are divided into many types in terms of materials, such as hemp, polyester, silk, Silk, satin, velvet, bamboo, man-made fiber, etc., everyone should know where the curtains of specific materials are suitable for use.

Suggestion: Fabrics of different materials have their own characteristics and are also suitable for different areas. Silk, silk, satin, velvet and other materials are fine in texture, luxurious and glossy, and are suitable for use in semi-open areas such as the living room; Both visually and materially, it is suitable for the bedroom.

3. Anti-noise

According to relevant research, when the continuous noise pollution in the environment reaches 50 decibels, it will It seriously affects people’s sleep, so it is very important to choose curtain fabrics with sound absorption and noise reduction.

Suggestion: This kind of curtain is usually made of velvet, cotton and linen fabrics. Usually, the sound absorption capacity of the curtain is proportional to its thickness. Good texture fabrics can effectively reduce 10%-25% of external noise.

4. The shading of curtains

Choosing a curtain with a shading effect for the bedroom can make you feel comfortable during the day sleep tight.

Suggestion: If you have high requirements for sleep and do not want to be passively woken up by the glare of the morning sun, it is very important to attach blackout cloth behind the curtains, and the relative warmth retention will be improved a lot

Pay attention to these types of details, you can really choose a functional curtain that combines decoration and practicality, everyone must remember

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