Is the curtain track better or the Roman rod better? Under what circumstances is it more appropriate to use the Roman rod for curtains?

Curtains are very common in home life, and now it can be said that every household can see curtains. The use of curtains in home life is very important, not only for shading, but also for the decoration and beautification of the space. Curtain rods are required to install curtains, and curtain rails and Roman rods are more common curtain rods now. So, is the curtain track better or the Roman rod? Under what circumstances is it more appropriate to use Roman curtain rods?

Is the curtain track better or the Roman rod better?

1. A kind of curtain hanging rod of the Roman rod, it is horizontal, and the rod body is cylindrical. Such rods are generally buckled or ringed, and the two ends of the rod are cylindrical.

Roman rod: It has a strong ornamental value, high value, and is easy to disassemble.

Disadvantages: Roman poles are generally very long, the load-bearing performance is not well filled, and they are easy to bend. When using them, you must pay special attention to the weight of the curtains.

There is also a Roman rod with a cylindrical body. The diameter of this type of Roman rod is generally 4 cm, and the length can be determined at will according to the size of the household. Gourd-shaped, the shape of such a pole is very similar to that of ancient Roman architecture, so it is called a Roman pole.

2. In short, the track rod is the rod with the track installed, which is called the track rod. This kind of track is generally tested internally and belongs to the dark rod.

Advantages: The price of this kind of track rod is not very high and cheap, and the pull is smooth.

Disadvantages: The track is easily exposed outside, affecting its aesthetics, and it is not very convenient to disassemble.

3. In the home decoration, which kind of pole should be used should be analyzed according to the specific problems of the home conditions. Generally speaking, if the house price is high, it is recommended to choose Roman poles, which look atmospheric and upscale. And the Roman pole is also more convenient to disassemble, and it will be easy to clean.

When is it appropriate to use Roman curtain rods?

1. There is neither ceiling plaster line nor narrow.

2. The floor is low, not suitable for suspended ceilings, and not suitable for installing plaster lines.

When installing Roman poles, you must first think of the limited load-bearing capacity of Roman poles, so since you decide to install Roman poles, you must consider the weight of the curtains when purchasing curtains, and generally should not be too heavy.

3. The slide rail

is the track rod. Don’t make a wrong order when installing. First make a curtain box, then install the track and clips inside, and then install the curtain go up.

4. The advantage of this is that it is flexible and can adapt to any window shape. Because its track can be bent at will, such as many bay windows. Moreover, there is no requirement for the length and weight of the curtains, and the price is not expensive.

5. However, the slide rails and curtain boxes are relatively easy to expose, which is not beautiful.

Through the introduction of the above article, is it better for the curtain track or the Roman pole? Under what circumstances is it more appropriate to use Roman curtain rods? It should be understood. No matter which style of curtain rod you choose, you need to install it carefully. Roman rods and track rods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and there is no way to say which one is better, so when you choose, you can choose the right curtain rod according to your needs and preferences.

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