How to install balcony curtains, what are the precautions for installing balcony curtains

If there is a balcony at home, a curtain is usually installed to protect our privacy and block the sun, so this is related to the purchase of balcony curtains. A good home life starts with a good curtain, and a beautiful balcony curtain can brighten the color of the entire space. So, how to install balcony curtains, and what are the precautions for installing balcony curtains?

First of all, let’s look at the introduction of the curtain balcony installation method.

 1. The installation method of plastic louver curtains on the balcony

The installation method, lifting adjustment and angle adjustment of plastic louver curtains are the same as those of aluminum louver curtains. Page curtain installation and adjustment.

2. Installation method of balcony liquid crystal glass curtain

The liquid crystal glass is a kind of glass installed on the window from the outside. It turns white, both sides of the glass are opaque, and can absorb more than 30% of ultraviolet rays.

3. Installation method of balcony brocade vertical curtain

Brocade vertical curtain includes weaving cotton series and brocade PVC series. The brocade series made of non-woven fabrics and silk and linen has the advantages of soft texture, elegant, soft tones, and rich colors.

4. Installation method of aluminum alloy blinds on the balcony

The aluminum alloy blinds are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy blinds connected in series through trapezoidal nylon ropes. It is a curtain that can adjust the light entering. The angle of the louvers can be turned 180° at the same time. According to the needs of light and shade and ventilation, you can adjust it at will by pulling the nylon rope.

Let’s look at the introduction to the precautions for installing the balcony.

1. It is very important to pay attention to the size when choosing curtains. It is very important that the curtains must not be smaller than the size of the window. Originally, the curtains can play a role in blocking. The curtains that are smaller than the window are not only unsightly, but also fail to achieve their own functions. Whether it is a floor-to-ceiling window or a small window, the balcony curtain decoration that is slightly larger than the window and matches the room as a whole is just right.

 2. The pattern of the curtain itself is also very important. The texture of the curtains is directly related to the decoration style and temperament of a room. For small curtains, horizontal lines and large patterns are taboo. Doing so will only make the curtains and the space appear narrower. In addition, the temperament of the curtains should echo the temperament of the owner and the room.

 3. It is also very important to deal with the decorative materials of the curtains. In addition to the curtain itself, there are many small accessories that need attention in the balcony curtain decoration. Drapes, gauze curtains, and window rails are all important accessories for the entire curtain. Different styles of curtains should be matched with different styles of mantle heads. European-style mantle heads are usually more complicated, while modern-style mantle heads are of course much simpler.

Having said so much, we can see that the installation methods of balcony curtains are different for different materials and structures. Before we install, we should be optimistic about the material in advance and grasp the relevant precautions, which is very necessary.

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