If you choose these colors for the curtains at home, your fortune will never enter the door, and you will be poor in this life!

No matter what level of decoration the home is, curtains must be purchased. Curtains are already a frequently used decoration in living rooms and bedrooms. Hanging curtains on the windows is very practical for heat insulation and sunshade. When friends choose curtains in the soft decoration city, they often only pay attention to the material, and the color is not taken into consideration. If the wrong color is selected, it will violate the taboo. Don’t choose curtains of these colors.

Pay attention to the curtains at home

1. Avoid the ominous meaning on the curtains Pattern

What color is good for the curtains? Some young people choose curtains according to their own personality. They prefer to choose some trendy or alternative patterns. . For example, common skeletons, dolls with weird shapes, or some ferocious animals, etc., here remind everyone to avoid using these patterns, so as not to have adverse effects on the owner. It is not recommended to use it especially in the rooms of the elderly and children.

2. Pay attention to the coordination of the color of the curtains and the floor. If the curtains are blue, the floor cannot be orange, otherwise it will make people feel bad.

3. Avoid pink curtains

Do not use pink curtains as much as possible. It must happen often. The curtains and the ground should try to avoid the color matching of red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple, so as to avoid bad psychological feelings. For a dark north-facing room, neutral and cool tones are suitable, with an elegant atmosphere; for a sunny room with better lighting, choose millet red or yellow curtains to adjust the strong light into soft astigmatism and coordinate yin and yang.

4. Bedroom curtains taboo The fabric of the curtains should not be too thick, too thick will feel heavy; it will make family members feel pressure in life, which will also affect the health of the whole family members, so If thick curtains are decorated in the bedroom, the owner’s eyelids will be heavy and he will often feel sleepy, drowsy, work efficiency will be reduced, and financial resources will be strained. Therefore, it is not suitable to choose too heavy curtains for the bedroom. At the same time, the editor recommends that the bedroom curtains should have a shading layer.

5. Don’t use too much red or black as the main color in the house, because too much red or too black will make people impulsive and extreme. It is also recommended to increase the purity and lightness of the paint on the wall to achieve saturation, which is what we call positive color.

6. The color of the bedroom curtains should not be too red or too black:

Do not use too much red in the color of the curtains Or black as the main color of the bedroom, because too red or too black will make people do things impulsively.

7. Another point is also very important. In addition to considering the color, the owner of the house must also remember to pay attention to the pattern. Odd and weird patterns will not bring bad meanings to the home, and even affect the physical and mental health of the family.

8. Choose the color of the curtains. Generally speaking, in terms of direction, blue can be used for the east side, green for the south, brown for the west, and gold or gray for the north. As far as room lighting is concerned, darker rooms are suitable for neutral and cooler tones. For sunny rooms with better lighting, choose to hang millet red or yellow curtains. As for the lace and pink curtains that girls love now, it is recommended not to use them. affect emotional development. In addition, try to avoid similar hues between curtains and the ground, or form a combination of red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple, which will have a certain impact on psychological emotions.

Hang curtains in the living room and bedroom at home, the color is well chosen, it can echo with the decoration style, and it can also benefit the home. If the curtains are dirty, remember to clean them regularly to ensure cleanliness. Otherwise, if the curtains are too dirty, it will have a negative impact on you. Friends, pay attention.

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