Never use white curtains How to choose curtains at home

When decorating a home, the layout of the soft furnishings cannot be ignored. The selection of curtains is an important part of the soft furnishings. The choice of curtains can determine the decoration of the home grade. White is very common in life, and it is also a very classic tone. So, can you hang white curtains at home? Let’s follow the editor to see how to choose the curtains at home that you should never use white curtain boxes.

Never use white curtains

Curtains come in many colors, Among them are white ones. White is very common in life, and it is also a very classic color, but usually when we buy curtains, we choose dark or bright colors, and white curtains are used less. In the folklore concept, it is unlucky to hang pure white curtains in the home. From the perspective of living and home furnishing, white curtains are not very resistant to dirt and are easy to get dirty, so they need to be cleaned frequently. Generally speaking, white ones are used as gauze curtains, which are the second layer of curtains, and there is another layer with strong shading performance, so it is very common in families to match curtains. Of course, white curtains will give people a refreshing feeling, relatively pure, natural, quiet and comfortable, and white is a versatile color, which matches well with home decoration styles. Everyone decides according to their personal preferences when purchasing curtains.

How to choose home curtains

Curtains can not only improve the overall home environment , It can also make the home more and more prosperous, so how to choose the curtains at home?

1. The curtains in the living room should not only look comfortable, but also have a high grade. The fabric is a little more transparent, so that sunlight can enter the room through the curtains, which not only looks elegant and elegant, but also makes the overall living room brighter, so the living room should choose curtains with lighter colors.

The style and color of the curtains should not be too extreme, that is to say, it should not be black or bright red. If the color is too dark, it will make people feel depressed. If the color is too bright, it will affect the Human psychology makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, which is not conducive to physical and mental health.

2. The bedroom curtains should choose curtains that can help sleep. The color should not be too light, otherwise the light will pass through the curtains, which is very bad for the sleep of the family. Used in the bedroom, it is easy to make people feel melancholy, and it is difficult to change the mood. Many friends will decorate the bedroom very pink, and even choose the curtains like this. Although there is nothing wrong with pink curtains, But there is a taboo in school.

Pink curtains represent the third party. If there are pink curtains in the couple’s bedroom, it will provoke every third party to get involved in the marriage. Well, you can also use light-colored curtains, so that the mood will look good, and the usual pressure will disappear.

The layout of the soft decoration at home cannot be ignored. Good hard decoration needs to be decorated with good soft decoration, so as to better reflect the decoration grade of the whole home, the choice of curtains, and the choice of color , Inseparable from your own preferences and the overall interior decoration style, the harmony between the two can be more beautiful. The above is the relevant content about how to choose white curtains and home curtains, I hope it can help you.

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