What kind of curtains are used in the living room? Living room curtain size calculation?

The decoration of the living room has a great impact on the whole, so everyone must take care of the decoration of the living room. In addition to the basic furniture, you should also pay attention to the curtains It is also possible to achieve a very good decorative effect. As for what curtains to use in the living room, you should know in advance. In addition, you should also know the calculation method of the size of the living room curtains in order to buy the right ones.

What kind of curtains are used in the living room?

1. The coffee color should be dark purple with a little black. Its sunlight filtering effect is good, and the strong sunlight can only leave a little bit of mild sunlight through it, which makes the whole room shine wonderfully, and the effect of brown curtain wallpaper will be better.

2. For the white curtains, it can give people a relaxed and happy feeling, which is generous and graceful, and at the same time elegant. In fact, white is originally a very comprehensive color in nature. White can be said to contain the synthesis of colors. The white curtains can let the sunlight pass through very well, and then give people a hazy feeling. But its disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty, but white curtains are indeed one of the most popular curtains. No matter the walls of the living room are white or wallpapers of various colors, they can be matched with a good decorative effect.

3. Gray curtains are very suitable for living rooms with a small area. If you are a person who likes simplicity and low-key, you can also choose gray curtains, which can make you more low-key.

4. Small-sized living rooms are compact. The bricks and walls of the living room are beige, and the curtains should be yellow. It is a very warm living room. The striped sofa is chosen, which is fresh and practical. The whole small living room looks bright and comfortable.

Calculation of living room curtain size?

1. Height measurement: Generally, the curtain track is installed on the top more firmly, so the height of the window should be measured from the roof or the top of the curtain box. Floor-to-ceiling windows need to be measured from the top to the ground, that is, the actual height of the room minus 5-10cm is the height of the curtains you want to make. For bay windows, you only need to directly measure the inner height of your window and subtract 2-5cm.

2. Width measurement: Generally, the curtains are divided into two pieces, so each piece should be a curtain with a width of three meters. At the same time, you have to take into account the design of the folds and hooks, which will waste fabric. Generally, the width of the curtain should be twice that of the Roman rod or the track. If the length of the Roman rod is 3 meters, then you should choose a curtain with a width of about 6 meters.

3. The size of the curtain should also consider the installation method of the curtain, which is generally divided into hook type and punching type. The difference between these two installation methods will also lead to changes in the height of the curtain. Both of these methods have to subtract 5-10 cm errors in the actual processing process. Generally, in the process of making curtains, the size of the curtain decoration should also be calculated, mainly the calculation of curtains and valances. If there is a certain need for curtains and valances, the calculation of the size can allow merchants to help.

After the above text introduction, everyone should already know what kind of curtains to use in the living room. Regarding curtains, when people buy curtains, in addition to choosing good quality, they should also Pay attention to the matching of colors, so that it can be more beautiful. For the calculation of the size of the living room curtains, everyone should already understand that the appropriate calculation of the size of the curtains purchased can be more appropriate.

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