Types of curtain fabrics? How to choose curtain fabrics?

Decoration is a top priority in modern society, so curtains are an important element of our decoration when decorating. Now there are various types of curtain fabrics on the market. When choosing curtain fabrics At this time, we should choose more practical curtain fabrics according to the function of the room. Today, the editor will introduce the types of curtain fabrics for you? How to choose curtain fabrics?

Curtain fabric types?

1. Calico

The color and pattern are printed on the plain gray cloth by transfer or garden net, which is called calico. Its characteristics: bright colors, rich and delicate patterns.

2. Yarn-dyed fabric

According to the pattern requirements, the gauze is first classified and dyed, and then interlaced to form a color pattern, which is called yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, bright yarn-dyed texture, strong three-dimensional effect.

3. Jacquard printed cloth

Combining the two processes of jacquard and printing together is called jacquard colored cloth. The curtains of this fabric are durable, thicker and have a good blackout effect.

4. Dyed cloth

Dyeing a single color on the white gray cloth is called dyed cloth. Ordinary curtain designs and colors are all completed by this process, and its characteristics are: elegant and natural.

5. Shading cloth

The effect of blocking sunlight is better, but there are also semi-shading and full-shading. Privacy is better. Blackout cloth can be divided into coated blackout cloth and cloth blackout cloth. It is recommended that those who have economic conditions should choose fabric blackout cloth as much as possible when purchasing blackout cloth curtains! Coated blackout cloth has toxic substances and should have been withdrawn from the stage long ago. Blackout cloth is environmentally friendly!

How to choose curtain fabric?

1. In the design style, we know that there are many types of design styles for curtain fabric. Curtain fabrics are inextricably linked to these styles and interior design styles. Therefore, the choice of curtain fabric and the design style of curtain fabric are the first requirements. In other words, all factors of curtain fabrics must first match the style of the interior. At this point, you can match it according to the style of the interior, so that the style of the curtain fabric can be adapted to the style of the interior.

2. The curtain fabric function needs to be based on the curtain fabric design style described in the functional requirements, and the thickness of the curtain fabric needs to be selected. Generally speaking, there are two methods:

a. Use a thicker curtain fabric.

b. Use a thicker curtain fabric, and make a layer of gauze curtain inside. As for the curtain fabric style, it needs to consider the actual situation

3. There are many options for choosing curtain fabrics. Here is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of curtain fabrics:

a. Light, thin, transparent or translucent curtain fabrics, such as cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh, lace and voile, etc.

b, medium-thick opaque curtain fabrics, such as fancy weave cotton, nylon and their blended fabrics, scrims; slippery curtain fabrics.

The above is about Types of curtain fabrics? How to choose curtain fabrics? Two aspects of introduction, we all know that curtain fabrics affect the texture of the entire curtain. When we choose curtains, it is also necessary to master some selection skills. Help everyone.

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