How to choose household curtains? What are the functions of household curtains?

In home decoration, curtains are a must-have item for home decoration. Curtains can play a decisive role in creating a warm and romantic living room environment. Sure, curtains are a great prop too. But many homeowners always don’t know how to choose curtains suitable for their own rooms, so how to choose household curtains? What are the functions of household curtains?

How to choose home curtains?

1. Color: Because curtains occupy a large area in the living room, and they are in bright areas, so the choice should be in line with the indoor color. The colors of the walls, floors and furnishings are matched to form a unified and harmonious environment.

2. Texture: When choosing the texture of curtains, the function of the room should be considered. For example, bathrooms and kitchens should choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style should be simple and smooth. You can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics for the living room and dining room. The curtains in the bedroom are where we should take more care. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure the privacy of life and the comfort of sleep. The curtains in the study should have good light transmission performance, bright, and elegant colors, so that people can feel in it, feel stable, and conducive to work and study.

3. Pattern: There are two main types of curtain pattern, namely: abstract type (also called geometric shape), such as square, circle, stripe and other shapes, and natural material form pattern (such as animal, plants, landscapes, etc.). When choosing a curtain pattern, you should generally pay attention to it. The curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect after pleating should be considered. The curtain pattern should not be inclined, otherwise it will make people feel inclined. Tall rooms should choose horizontal patterns.

4. Size: The length of the curtains should be slightly longer than that of the window sill, so as to prevent the wind from lifting the curtains and expose them to the outside. The width of the curtains depends on the width of the window, and it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrower windows should choose wider curtains to block the seemingly redundant walls on both sides.

What are the functions of family curtains?

1. Curtains beautify the home

Decorative wall curtains For many ordinary families, it is a large decoration on the wall. Especially for some simple-decorated families with “four white floors”, except for a few picture frames, the curtains may be the only things on the wall.

2. Curtains block strong light

Using light refers to the issue of effectively using light while protecting privacy. For example, in a living room on the first floor, everyone doesn’t like people walking around to see every move in the room. But pulling thick curtains for a long time affects natural lighting.

3. Curtains to block noise

The treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the refraction index of the window glass for the treble is also very high. Therefore, curtains with appropriate thickness can improve the reverberation effect of indoor audio. Similarly, thick curtains are also conducive to absorbing part of the noise from the outside and improving the indoor sound environment.

4. Curtains can protect home privacy

Public activity areas of family members such as the living room have lower requirements for privacy. In the living room, the curtains are opened, and in most cases they are in a state of decoration, and the curtains can be more transparent. The bedroom is different, the color should be darker.

The above about how to choose household curtains? What are the functions of household curtains?

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