Curtain collocation skills in home decoration

In home decoration, soft furnishings can play a decisive role in the decoration style to a large extent, especially the application of fabrics in interior decoration can be very good Soften the lines of the room to make the room soft or simple. The matching of curtains should have a great effect on the formation of the style of the room. These can be decided by the owner in the later stage, and they will not follow the ideas of the decoration company. Curtain matching What are the functions in the living room? Dongguan Decoration Company will talk about it in detail.

1.  The combination of black and red can relieve insomnia

If the curtains in the living room should speak to the guests, then the curtains in the bedroom are specially designed for the owner. In a warm, romantic and private bedroom space, the curtains In addition to the decorative function, it is more important to protect privacy and adjust light. “You can choose dark fabrics for bedroom curtains, which have good shading properties and can promote sleep. Especially black and red curtains are good for insomniacs.” Choose.” said Ms. Wang, the manager of a brand home furnishing store.

When you open the door, the curtains in the living room are always the most eye-catching because of the location advantage, and the layout of the living room fully shows in the eyes of customers The owner’s taste and pursuit, so pay special attention when choosing living room curtains. Industry insiders suggest that curtains can create different atmospheres according to the owner’s personality.

The curtain design of the children’s room is combined with the child’s nature, The curtains generally choose cute cartoon patterns, bright colors, and individual shapes to please the little owner. It is especially worth reminding that because children are naturally active, they sometimes play hide-and-seek with the curtains, or even bite the curtains with their teeth, so When purchasing curtains for children, health and environmental protection issues should be fully considered.

2.  The color and style should match the sofa

Generally speaking, modern style In the decoration of the living room, the color and style of the curtains in the living room should match the fabric sofa in the living room, using hemp or polyester-cotton fabrics. The colors should be light tones, such as beige, beige, light gray, etc.; Most of them are brown, golden, dark coffee, etc.; while the Chinese style is mainly reddish and brown.” Curtains should match the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains. Curtains are related to decoration style, furniture The arrangement is integrated, which fully embodies this rule. In addition to the color tone, different curtain heads and accessories also describe different home “expressions”. Different curtain heads are elegant, simple and rational, or emotional and romantic , or intellectual elegance, they tell different moods invisibly.

3,  The blended material is shrink-resistant and Anti-wrinkle
The choice of summer curtains is very important. In sunny rooms, such as study rooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, etc., you can choose some venetian blinds and roller blinds with better heat insulation and light insulation performance, which are not only lightweight Looks good and keeps the heat out of the window. The beauty effect of curtains on the layout of the home environment is self-evident. When purchasing curtains, not only pay attention to the appearance, but also take into account the function. For example, in terms of material selection, different rooms have different environments, so it is necessary to fully consider the functionality of curtains. Due to humidity and oily smoke in kitchens and bathrooms, it is more appropriate to use blinds; in addition, leisure rooms and tea rooms are also more suitable for wooden or bamboo. For curtains and balconies, choose curtains made of light-resistant and not easy-to-fading materials; for the study room, you can choose fabrics with good light transmission, which will help you relax and think about problems.

It is worth mentioning that many consumers ignore the shrinkage of fabrics. “At present, there is no standard on shrinkage in our country, but there are clear implementation standards in foreign countries, so taking into account the practicality, customers should ask clearly about the shrinkage when purchasing, loosen their hands, and leave ample shrinkage. ” said Mr. Huang, a curtain dealer. It is understood that among curtain fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, and wool are very popular among consumers, but these fabrics have a certain shrinkage rate. Curtains made of man-made fibers and synthetic fibers are resistant to shrinkage, fading, and wrinkle. Better than cotton and linen fabrics. However, many modern fabrics combine the best of both worlds by blending natural fibers with man-made or synthetic fibers.

If you like individuality, you can try to create another different feeling by overlapping two layers of yarn. In your favorite room, make the bottom layer with bright colors and patterns, and the upper layer with thinner solid colors. The patterns on the bottom layer will be faintly revealed, and different effects will be produced according to the effect of different lights inside and outside the house, which is very beautiful. It is not only full of the feeling of shame in Chinese culture, but also has a unique psychedelic color of the veil, which breeds an indescribable exotic style.

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