How to remove formaldehyde from curtains? How to choose environmentally friendly curtains

In home decoration, environmental protection issues must be paid attention to in many aspects, such as paint, flooring, furniture, etc., and everyone attaches great importance to them. In fact, everyone should not take it lightly when decorating the home, even items such as curtains may contain formaldehyde. Today we will talk about how to remove formaldehyde from curtains and learn how to choose environmentally friendly curtains.

How to remove formaldehyde from curtains

1. A simple way to prevent formaldehyde from curtains Just wash it with water before hanging it up, because formaldehyde is soluble in water, and after drying in the wind, the formaldehyde will basically evaporate and dry up. After buying the curtains home, they can be soaked and washed with clean water before use, which can effectively reduce formaldehyde residues.

2. There are many shade fabrics suitable for curtains, such as flame-retardant shade fabrics, embossed shade fabrics, printed shade fabrics, jacquard shade fabrics, etc., but the expensive ones are not the best. No matter what kind of curtains, the curtains must be hung in an outdoor ventilated place to dry after washing, and then used. Now there is a kind of optical drive media that has a good effect on removing formaldehyde. Using this method can not only remove formaldehyde on curtains, but also remove formaldehyde content in other products. It is a good helper for people to remove formaldehyde indoors.

3. If there are many windows in the room, in order to reduce the pollution of the curtains, it is recommended to hang curtains of different materials, such as venetian blinds, roller blinds, etc. But if you want to clean up the pollution on the curtains, in addition to taking some measures yourself, try to find a professional formaldehyde removal company to remove formaldehyde.

How to choose environmentally friendly curtains

1. There are many kinds of curtain materials, among which cotton and linen curtains are more environmentally friendly, pay attention to Owners of environmentally friendly decoration try to choose this kind of curtains. If you really fancy a certain type of chemical fiber fabric curtain, then you must carefully check the quality manual of the curtain to see if there is any phenomenon exceeding the standard.

2. If you want to know whether it is environmentally friendly, you can try the following methods: Smell the smell. If there is a pungent smell, it is not environmentally friendly and cannot be purchased. If a salesperson tries to explain the source of the smell, don’t believe it easily; ask for a quality manual. Carefully check whether the content of formaldehyde and azo exceeds the standard; try to choose light-colored curtains. Light-colored curtains use less dyes and less harmful substances.

3. In terms of collocation, different styles and materials of home furnishing are matched with different styles of curtains. When choosing, one more thing to consider is the functionality of the room. For example, bathrooms and kitchens should choose practicality. A strong and easy-to-wash fabric that is resistant to steam and grease in a simple and smooth style.

Many homeowners already know a lot about environmental protection decoration, and they pay attention to the selection of materials, but you may not pay much attention to some soft decoration issues, but often the environmental protection of curtains An important factor affecting the environmental quality of the room. After reading the introduction of how to remove formaldehyde from curtains and how to choose environmentally friendly curtains, everyone should pay more attention to the environmental protection of curtains.

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