How to choose curtains?

We know that in the decoration, the selection of curtains is also a very important part. Because the function of curtains is not only to block but also to decorate the home environment.

How to choose curtains

1. Choose curtains according to the function

Choose according to the different functions of different spaces, such as protecting privacy , using light, decorating walls, sound insulation, etc. For example, bathroom and kitchen curtains should choose fabrics that are more practical, easy to wash, and can withstand steam and grease pollution; living room and dining room curtains should choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics. Fabric; study room curtains should have good light transmission performance and bright, such as silk curtains; bedroom curtains should be thick, warm and safe, such as choosing fabrics with light-shielding coating on the back.

2. Choose curtains according to the material

When we choose the texture of curtains, we should first consider the function of the room, such as bathroom and kitchen materials, we must choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the fabrics must withstand steam and grease. Pollution, the style is simple and smooth; the living room and dining room can choose luxurious and elegant fabrics. In addition, the choice of fabrics also depends on the room’s demand for light. If the light is sufficient, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics; If there is too much light in the room, you should choose thicker wool blend or brocade as curtains to resist strong light; the room does not have strict requirements on light, so it is generally better to choose plain printed cotton or linen fabrics.

3. Choose curtains according to the overall effect of the room

Generally speaking, curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, thin gauze, mesh cloth, etc., can not only Through a certain degree of natural light, it can also give people a sense of privacy and security in the daytime room. Moreover, because this kind of fabric is soft and thin, it is better to hang it on the window. At the same time , but also pay attention to the use of thick curtains, because thick curtains have a more significant effect on forming a unique indoor environment and reducing external interference. When purchasing thick curtains, it is advisable to choose such as corduroy, woolen, golden velvet and wool Curtains made of materials such as hemp fabric are ideal.

4. Choose curtains according to your needs

You should make it clear that you only use curtains as a background that blends with the wall. Not only that, but it should also become the vision of the room. It will help you determine the color and style of the curtains. If it is only used as a space background, the color should be close to the wall, and the style should be simpler; if you You also want to use it to add a heavy color to the interior and attract people to watch it. Then you need to choose a color that is in contrast with the wall and can jump out, or design a novel and unique style, and sometimes you need both And there are. But don’t forget, no matter what, it must be coordinated with the style of the room.

How to choose curtains

The selection and matching of curtains not only reflects the owner’s preference and taste, but also reflects the owner’s life taste and grade. So, today we will introduce the curtains to you How to buy and how much to install curtains. Let’s take a look below.

1. How about curtains Purchase

1. The composition of the curtain

It consists of three parts: the curtain body, accessories and accessories.

a. The curtain body includes the curtain , window body, and window screen. Window curtain is an indispensable component of decorative windows and windows, and is generally made of the same fabric as the window body. There are tiled, discounted, water wave, and comprehensive styles.

b, Accessories include window cherry, curtain ring, ribbon, lace, window placket interlining, etc.

c, accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window belts, counterweights, etc.


2. Types of curtains

(1) Size of curtain fabrics Curtain fabrics can be divided into fixed height cloth and fixed width cloth. The so-called fixed height cloth means that the height of a roll of cloth is fixed , There are two kinds of 2.8 meters and 2.1 meters. The specification of the fixed width cloth is 1.45 meters. Reasonable selection of specifications according to the size of the window can save the use of cloth and more effectively match the interpretation of the color of the fabric.

(2 ), the material of curtain cloth Curtain fabrics are generally natural cotton, artificial cotton, polyester, acrylic, etc. Cotton fabrics have the characteristics of heat resistance and hygroscopicity. Polyester has light fastness, abrasion resistance, non-ironing, and comfortable handle. Acrylic has good light fastness. It feels good, fluffy and warm.

3. Curtain fabric styles

(1) According to the structure, there are simple type, guide rail type, There are three kinds of boxes.

(2) According to the lighting, there are three types: transparent, semi-transparent and opaque.

4. According to the form

Ordinary blinds: often used on windows with window boxes. It can be equipped with curtain eyebrows without exposed tracks. It should be fixed and folded for easy installation and cleaning.

Elevating blinds: similar to the hanging method of blinds, folded and raised High. It can be raised and lowered according to the intensity of the light.

Roman Pavilion: Common windows without window boxes, strong decoration. Popular sling type, convenient and quiet, interpreting a strong European style. Choose a pulley The track is conducive to the use of curtains.

5. Divided by length

Floor-to-ceiling windows: mostly used in the living room, using large windows with floor-to-ceiling glass.

Bay window: Hong Kong-style style, suitable for wide window sills.

Half-cut window: According to the window type, the hem of the curtain exceeds the window sill by about 30 cm and does not reach the ground.

High curtain: suitable for 3 Window type for a space above 10 meters.

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