What curtains go with European-style furniture? Tips for choosing European-style furniture curtains?

We know that when we decorate, some people like to use European-style furniture, but European-style homes generally have relatively large windows, so the choice of curtains should be more textured, and the color and pattern requirements should be consistent with The furniture is as gorgeous and calm. So, what curtains go with European-style furniture? What are the tips for choosing curtains for European-style furniture? I hope it can help everyone.

 What curtains go with European-style furniture?

1 , The overall color requirements, Nobility and elegance are a feature of European-style home furnishing. In terms of furniture color, bright colors make the home luxurious and atmospheric, while soft and light-toned furniture looks noble and elegant. If you want classical European style, you can choose golden color For the main color furniture, if it is simple European style, it is suitable to choose warm color furniture with beige and white soft patterns.

2. Black + white + gray: classic,   Gray is the main color. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, blending the popular gray in recent years into it to ease the visual conflict between black and white. This kind of space is full of cool modern and futuristic sense, rational, orderly and professional.

3. Blue+orange: modern,  The color matching is mainly blue and orange, showing the intersection of modernity and tradition, ancient and modern, colliding with reality and harmony. The visual experience of retro flavor. These two colors can give the space a new life.

4. Blue + white: warmth,   Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling. Jazz has a long history, and people who are obsessed with it think “blues”. Not all sapphire blue, but the finishing touch, which really activates life and makes the kitchen life dynamic, and the blue tone helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, and the kitchen decorated with blue works better. According to color psychology, seeing more blue will make people emotionally stable and think more rationally. The coolness and flawlessness of white make people feel very free and broad-minded, and the living space seems to be as open and comfortable as the nature of the sea and sky.

5. Natural yellow + green: natural,  goose yellow is a fresh and fresh color, representing the joy of new life. Fruit green is a tone that makes people feel calm, and can neutralize the lightness of yellow. This color matching method is very suitable for young couples.

  Different styles of furniture deduce different styles. The above is an introduction to the color matching skills of European-style curtains. I hope you can refer to them to choose satisfactory curtains.

 Different purchasing skills for European-style furniture and curtains

1. Modern family interiors generally tend to be elegant, quiet and pleasing to the eye. Large-area walls tend to be neutral and light-colored, which can not only set off furniture and other objects, but also easily achieve a coordinated and unified artistic effect in the room. The colors of the living room are mostly neutral colors, which are between warm and cold colors. Color, the floor, ceiling and wall are suitable for light colors, the color brightness is higher, and it is matched with a dark coffee table.

2. The restaurant is dominated by warm or neutral colors, and bright tablecloths can enhance people’s appetite. The bedroom is a place for people to relax. Do not use bright colors as the main color. Generally, neutral colors are the main color to give people a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

3. The kitchen is dominated by warm and neutral colors with high brightness. The color of the bathroom can be according to personal preference. The color with higher brightness looks brighter and cleaner. Brown, gold, and light purple are all comfortable for the study, and with some green, it can feel relaxed and happy, and encourage people to study hard. Bright, clean white or milky white will give people a sense of cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen, and green and yellow should be avoided from occupying a large area.

4. Milky white is best for the bathroom, which gives people a bright and clean feeling. Appropriate matching of some light green or flesh-colored will make people feel relaxed, but dark green should be prevented from appearing.

5. Understand the psychological hints that various colors bring to people, such as black gives people a sense of depression, dark blue makes people depressed, red is full of passion, but being in this environment for a long time can easily make people restless , Excessive mental stress. Therefore, some elegant, warm and bright colors should be selected in the choice of bedroom wall, floor and top surface colors.

6. Purple— can maintain the balance of potassium in the body and has a calming effect, but it has a depressive effect on the motor nerve and cardiac system, so patients with heart disease should use purple with caution.

7. Pink – suitable for people with autism and mental depression. Let angry people watch pink, and their emotions will calm down quickly, because pink can reduce the secretion of adrenal hormones, thereby stabilizing their emotions. Those with autism and mental depression may wish to choose pink.

8. Yellow – a taboo for people with depression and mania. On the contrary, golden yellow is easy to cause emotional instability, so people suffering from depression and mania should not use golden yellow.

9. If the living room of the elderly is light orange, it can induce appetite, help the absorption of calcium, and make people refreshed and happy. Or choose blue to help relieve symptoms such as headaches, fever, and insomnia.

 When we are decorating, we may have some requirements on the overall decoration style, because it will be more beautiful. Of course, some families like the European style. Through the above introduction, we probably have some understanding of the matching of European style furniture and curtains. Today we will introduce to you what curtains go with European-style furniture and how to choose and buy European-style furniture curtains, hoping to help you.

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