How to choose curtain rod?

In the interior decoration, installing curtains in the room can play a lot of effects. It can block light in function, and it is also very decorative. Therefore, every time the owner chooses Curtains will definitely take these two aspects into consideration. The curtain rods that are often overlooked actually play a big role. Curtain rods are convenient to use, and owners should choose according to their own needs. So, how much is a meter of curtain rods, and how to choose curtain rods?

How to choose curtain rods

1. Brand orientation

When consumers choose a certain product , I tend to choose a relatively good brand. Brand quality and service are relatively guaranteed. Here are a few curtain rod brands for you.

2. Style and color guidance

The curtain is the room In modern home life, more and more families choose bright rods, that is, you can see the color of the rod and the track of the decorative head, which is more in line with the current trend of “light decoration, heavy decoration”. When choosing curtain rods At this time, consider the color of the window cover (the curtain rod and the window cover are similar in color), home design style and color, and pursue aesthetic harmony.

3. Thickness of the rod wall

There are many aluminum alloy curtain rods on the market, their hardness is not high, and they can be bent greatly. When choosing, you mainly look at the thickness of the rod wall (thickness of the rod wall is between 1.0mm-1.3mm).

4. Look at the surface

Look at the surface treatment. The rod with good surface treatment is relatively smooth, with obvious metallic texture, and can be matched well with curtains of various colors.

5 , Look at the pull ring

Then we need to look at the design of the pull ring. At present, the pull ring of recycled plastic is mainly used in the market. There is a sound-absorbing strip, but the material of the sound-absorbing strip is mainly plastic, which will not last long, so you must pay attention to this when choosing;

A good match can help the owner achieve a better decorative effect, Fashionable simplicity is the style that young people prefer today, and it is also the main popular style today. It is better to choose metal curtain rods for modern window scenes.

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