How about IKEA curtains? What are the main points of cleaning curtains?

In the purchase of curtains, I think about IKEA curtains. In the following, I will talk about IKEA curtains and the main points of cleaning curtains. Curtains are an important thing in house decoration design, so it must be indispensable. A room without curtains must not be beautiful enough. A good curtain can add color to the house decoration.

How about IKEA curtains:

1. Today, the editor will talk to you about things related to curtains, hoping to bring you some suggestions.

2. There are a lot of curtains in IKEA. Our curtains are all bought in IKEA. Compared with the curtains of the curtain custom shop outside, IKEA’s curtains are more simple, most of them focus on pure colors, in line with the aesthetics of our young people, in addition to curtains, there are various thick and thin gauze curtains, blinds, shower curtains, There are also a lot of curtain rods, so buy enough.

3. The IKEA curtains are pretty good. Curtains can prevent noise, and the texture is preferably flocking, cotton, and linen. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect. Cotton and linen are commonly used materials for curtains. They are easy to wash and replace, and have good shading effects, so they are suitable for bedrooms. Sheer curtains are highly decorative, can enhance the sense of depth in the room, and have good light transmission, and are suitable for use in living rooms and balconies. Great value for money.

4. The quality of IKEA curtains is very good, the price is a bit expensive, but the quality is really good. Our curtains are bought from IKEA. It has been used for 15 years and still has no fading or deformation. We bought them together at that time The curtains have been changed twice, the ones from IKEA are still in good condition. It is a bit old, but it doesn’t affect the appearance.

What are the key points for cleaning curtains:

1. Curtains are one of the indispensable items in people’s home life today. Both installation and cleaning are eagerly concerned by consumers. We all know that under normal circumstances, the curtains in the home are relatively large, so it is always troublesome to clean them, so I am eager to know the methods and techniques of cleaning curtains. So what are the tips for cleaning curtains? Let’s take a look at the tips and steps for cleaning curtains at home.

2. Don’t underestimate the first step. Although it is just a simple removal of the curtains, many people tend to tear the curtains, so there are still skills when removing the curtains. First of all, everyone must understand that everyone removes the curtains to clean the curtains, so when disassembling, it is mainly to disassemble the part that needs to be cleaned. , and then remove the curtains, be careful not to use brute force, and must follow the relevant instructions.

3. After the curtains are removed and washed, you need to soak the curtains for a while, so that it will not be so difficult for everyone to clean the curtains. When soaking the curtains, everyone should pay attention to whether the cleaning agent or detergent used for soaking the curtains is better or choose neutral ones, because whether it is alkaline or acidic detergents, it may have certain effects on the internal fiber materials of the curtains. influences. And while soaking, we should also pay attention to the length of soaking time, which requires specific judgment of the specific curtain, but generally it should be between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. If the time is too short, there will be no effect, and if the time is too long, the curtain will absorb too much water , damage the curtains, we must grasp the time.

4. The problem that needs to be paid attention to in this step of cleaning the curtains is mainly the method of cleaning the curtains, that is, hand washing or machine washing. This requires specific analysis of specific issues. For example, curtains like flannelette, silk fabrics and high-grade fiber fabrics cannot be machine washed, because these fabrics are relatively soft and smooth, and machine washing is easy to damage the overall feel and feel of the curtains. The texture, in severe cases, will cause the curtain fiber to break, which is very bad, so it is usually washed by hand.

5. After the curtains are cleaned, everyone needs to dry the curtains. The problem that needs to be paid attention to is to pay attention not to place the curtains in a place exposed to strong light, and to avoid direct exposure of the curtains just after cleaning to the sun, which may cause the curtains to discolor, so it is best to place the curtains in a ventilated and cool place Let the curtains dry by themselves. In order to prevent decolorization, curtains can also be dried in the same way that people dry their clothes.

For house decoration design, the choice of curtains is important. A good curtain can make the house more beautiful. Although the curtain is a small thing, its cleaning is still very important. If it is not cleaned well, the curtain will definitely be damaged. Therefore, everyone must clean the curtains according to the method I mentioned above.

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