Do you need to install curtains on the balcony? What are the taboos in balcony decoration?

In today’s life, we will find that some family balconies use curtains for decoration, but some families do not use curtains. At this time, other friends who plan to decorate will think , Do you really need to install curtains on the balcony? I am entangled between installing curtains or not installing curtains. Let’s learn with the editor below whether curtains need to be installed on the balcony and what are the taboos in balcony decoration.

Do you need curtains on the balcony?

In fact, the installation and non-installation of curtains are relative, and a specific pattern should be summed up to make a decision. The following is an introduction to whether to use curtains in several common patterns:

1. Usually Whether or not to install curtains is mainly judged according to whether the balcony is connected to other spatial areas. If there is a partition between the balcony and the living room or the balcony and the bedroom, such as There is a sliding door and so on. At this time, there is no need to install curtains on our balcony. Just install the curtains indoors (beside the sliding door); it saves blocking the light from the balcony, and some friends will pull it out because of privacy. Put on the curtains, even in the daytime, if it is installed on the balcony, it will make it difficult to dry the clothes on the balcony, which is very inconvenient.

2. Of course, if there is no partition between the balcony and other areas, then you must install curtains on the balcony, otherwise you will feel too insecure at home. After all, there are quite a lot of voyeurs now.

3. But if you like to install curtains between the balcony and the sliding door, it’s okay. At this time, install blackout curtains on the balcony to maintain privacy; install gauze curtains indoors to add a little romance At the same time, it can also cover the glare of the sun during the day, so that the drying problem will be affected if the curtains on the balcony are not drawn during the day.

What are the taboos in balcony decoration

1. When decorating the balcony, it is forbidden to consider the bearing capacity of the balcony. Generally speaking, the bearing capacity of the balcony of ordinary residents Because the load-bearing capacity per square meter does not exceed 400 kilograms, it should not exceed its load when decorating and storing, and try to put as little heavy furniture as possible to avoid danger.

2. Balcony decoration is prohibited. Balcony drainage is smooth. In life, the balcony is not only used as a leisure area, but also sometimes used as a living function area such as drying clothes or washing vegetables, all of which require a good waterproof layer and drainage system on the balcony floor. If the drainage and waterproof treatment is not good, water accumulation and leakage will occur.

3. Ignore the forbidden use of balcony decoration: now every household has a balcony, basically one balcony for each household, so there will be primary and secondary balconies in the design of ordinary houses, and the first thing to do when decorating balconies To understand the primary and secondary of the balcony, the use of the balcony is determined according to the needs of life. Generally, the balcony adjacent to the living room and the master bedroom is the main balcony. Its function can be mainly for leisure and fitness, and it can be installed as a gym, tea room, etc. The decoration materials of the walls and floors should also be consistent with the living room; The rooms other than the living room and the master bedroom are adjacent to each other, and are mainly used for storage, drying clothes or as a study room, and the decoration can be simpler.

Is it necessary to install curtains on the balcony? What are the taboos for balcony decoration? The above is an introduction for these two issues. In fact, whether to install curtains on the balcony is mainly a specific issue, which should be considered , For those places where there is no need to install curtains, try not to use curtains, and for special purposes where curtains need to be installed, curtains must also be indispensable.

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