How should we choose the color of the curtains? What materials are the curtains made of?

When choosing curtains, we can buy curtains according to our preferences. But also according to the decoration style of the whole home, different colors of curtains give people different feelings, and the functions of curtains of different materials are also different. For the living room, curtains tend to choose light-colored, blackout ones. So, how do we choose the color of the curtains? What materials are the curtains made of?

1. How to choose the color of the curtains< /strong>

White curtains give people a refreshing feeling, appearing generous, graceful and elegant. White is originally a color synthesized in nature, and it contains the synthesis of colors. The white curtains can let the sunlight pass through very well, giving people a hazy feeling. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty, and a little flaw is exposed. But white curtains are indeed one of the most popular curtains. No matter the walls of the living room are white or wallpapers of various colors, they can be matched with a good decorative effect. If you don’t have too many requirements for the color of the curtains, then you don’t have to think about what color to use for the curtains in the living room. You can choose white curtains generously.

Coffee color should be dark purple with a little black. Just like chocolate, it has a noble temperament. The decorative effect of the brown curtains is still good, and it is intoxicating under the breeze. Its sunlight filtering effect is also good, and the strong sunlight can only leave a gentle trace of sunlight through it, making the whole room brilliant. However, the effect of brown curtain wallpaper will be better. If the walls around the windows are white, then the decorative effect may not be so ideal.

2. What are the materials for curtains?

The main fabric textures of curtains are cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum alloy, etc. Among them, the cotton curtain fabric is soft and comfortable, the silk curtain is elegant, the silk curtain is rich, the beaded curtain is crystal clear, and the gauze curtain is soft.

One is the fabric that can be used for shading

(1) Traditional shading fabric The traditional shading fabric is to coat black fabric with silver, which is set for shading. The supporting products belonging to the curtain, it feels hard, rattling, and cumbersome, and it is made into 20% curtain fabric, so the cost is relatively high.

(2) New type of shading fabric The cost of the new type of shading fabric is lower than that of the traditional shading fabric, and it feels good, fashionable, high-grade, jacquard, printed, plain, hot stamped, embossed, etc. Blackout fabrics such as blackout fabrics can be made into different styles of blackout curtain fabrics.

The other is traditional curtain fabric

Traditional curtain fabrics are mainly made of polyester chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics. Traditional curtains are relatively thick and have a good drape , What are the main ones?

1) Coarse yarn-dyed or printed fabrics: This kind of fabric is thick but not rugged, thin but not greasy, and is a relatively popular fabric

2) High-count and high-density yarn-dyed jacquard fabric: this kind of fabric is more delicate and has a good gloss

3) Chenelle: This kind of fabric feels rough, thick and has a good drape.

4) There are many other fabrics Such as gold velvet, suede, flocking, etc. are all good curtain fabrics   

 The above are the colors and materials of the curtains introduced by the editor. In fact, in addition to shading, some curtains can even prevent noise. The need to choose, I hope the above will be helpful to you.

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