What color curtains go with white furniture

In recent years, when decorating their homes, many people prefer white furniture, especially young people born in the 1980s and 1990s. If it is white, it will look very monotonous. So, what color curtains go with white furniture, and what color floor looks good with white furniture? Here are some plans about matching white furniture with curtains and floors for your reference.

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1. Choosing a brighter color for the curtains can play a finishing touch, because the furniture is white. If the house is not too big, it is better to dress it up as a lively and bright home color. In terms of style, white furniture is divided into sweet Korean pastoral, casual European and American countryside, classic European classical and Western minimalism. The curtains can also be selected according to these styles to be more integrated.

2. Silk curtains: Silk curtains are lighter and easier to clean. Whether it is the color of sapphire or purple floral curtains, it can be matched with white furniture and complement each other.

3. Floral curtains: White furniture can be said to be versatile. If your furniture is in a rural style, matching white furniture with floral curtains will add to the rural atmosphere of your room. A breeze blows, and the curtains are gently blown up, inadvertently leading you into the rural countryside, to feel the nature and tranquility.

4. Dark curtains: White furniture often gives you a pure feeling. The whole room is dominated by white furniture. Then, a dark curtain may melt the white air-conditioning. The curtains, with chains like drops of water, on one side are the curtains dancing lightly, and on the other side are the white furniture standing proudly, one deep and one shallow, one piece and one relaxation, harmoniously blending.

5. Striped curtains: Have you ever thought about raising some flowers and plants in your home? The natural breath is greatly enhanced. At the same time, the material of rattan art can also be coordinated with white furniture.

What color floor looks good with white furniture?

1. Gray and white floor: white furniture with white floor, the whole space looks more peaceful and tasteful. If you use lighter colors such as gray and white as the color of the floor, it is easier to give people a sense of tranquility, and it will not cause “top-heavy” where the wall color is heavy and the floor color is light.

2. Oak color: White is a wild color that can be matched with a variety of furniture. Light-colored oak series, mild warm color, from furniture to floor, the color transition is very natural.

3. Brown floor: Use stylish, saturated, deep cool purple with distinctive personality to impress people in the display. Use dark brown to adjust the comic exaggeration of deep purple, and add achromatic white and light peach as decorative colors.

4. Teak-colored floor: The dining table in angel white color and the comfortable chairs with broken flowers keep the whole space in an idyllic atmosphere. The teak-colored floor color not only enriches the expression of the restaurant, but also breaks the pure The monotony of white perfectly sets off the cleanliness and texture of the dining table.

What color curtains go with white furniture, and what color floor looks good with white furniture? The above is the introduction of these two issues. I hope that the relevant information compiled by the editor will be helpful to you , White furniture with appropriate curtains, and light-colored wooden floors. It will definitely make your room more beautiful and comfortable.

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