How effective is the sound insulation curtain? Are the sound insulation curtain products good?

In today’s era, the use of soundproof curtains is becoming more and more widespread, but some consumers doubt whether soundproof curtains can soundproof? And they also doubt whether the effect of soundproof curtains is good or not? In fact, it is normal for consumers to understand these, and consumers also want to buy good products. Then let us take a look at the effect of soundproof curtains?

 The effect of soundproof curtains How?

1. In order to improve the sound insulation of doors and windows, some manufacturers in the market adopt the technology of three-layer glass and two-layer cavity. It is considered that the sound insulation of insulating glass must have sufficient mass density and a large air sound insulation layer. If the mass density remains unchanged, the change of the air sound insulation layer will inevitably affect its sound insulation.

2. The added third glass interferes with the air sound insulation performance of the hollow glass cavity, and the sound insulation decreases on the contrary. The degree of sealing between the fan and the window frame directly affects the sound insulation performance of the sound insulation window. If the seal is too small, it will easily cause poor sealing and sound leakage, thus the sound insulation effect is not good.

3. The quality of the sealing strip directly affects the sound insulation of the sound insulation window. The sealing strip should be made of soft, elastic and anti-aging materials. It is impossible to improve the sound insulation of windows. In order to prevent the soundproof windows from leaking due to gaps, the sealing strip of the windows should be closed, and there should be no gaps at the four corners. If there are gaps, it will also cause sound leakage.

4. The sound-proof curtain is equipped with a curtain box on the top of the inner frame beam installed on the window. The curtain box is equipped with a curtain roll shaft. Stretch out the curtain box, the two sides opposite to the window are respectively equipped with a curtain chute in which the two sides of the curtain can slide respectively, a curtain bottom groove is arranged on the bottom platform of the window, and the The inner surface of the through seam, the two curtain chutes and the curtain bottom groove are equipped with groove sealing strips, and they are all in the same plane,

5. Driven by the lower cable, the bottom edge of the curtain moves up and down, and the winding shaft rotates forward and reverse to make the curtain rolled on it be lowered and retracted. In this way, after the curtain stretches out from the curtain box, passes through the curtain chute, The bottom edge of the curtain enters the bottom groove of the curtain to completely close the window, so that the window is completely closed with the curtain to perform sound insulation.

 Is the sound insulation curtain product good?

 1 Increase the sound insulation up to 8 to 12 decibels (low frequency sound insulation is large) and can replace the double layer The second window of the soundproof window

 2 The sound insulation can be as high as 20 decibels when used alone. It can be used as a sound insulation barrier for indoor activities

 3 It has shading and non-shading functions The effect of heat insulation and energy saving does not occupy indoor space

 4 There are a variety of fabrics to choose from (soundproof materials)

 5 There are three types of scrolling: manual, electric and remote control The method is easy to operate

 6 Scrubable fabrics can be selected

 7 Simple installation and convenient maintenance

 8 Environmentally friendly materials do not contain formaldehyde

 The above is the relevant introduction of the effect of sound insulation curtains. Having said so much, I think everyone has a deep understanding of soundproof curtains. The use of sound-proof curtains will become more and more extensive, and the scope of application will also become wider and wider. However, if you feel that your own sound-proof curtains are not effective, you must report in time to avoid more consumers being deceived.

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