Smart people don’t choose Roman poles for curtains, which are popular nowadays, very beautiful!

At the beginning, I didn’t know much about decoration. When I was decorating the curtains, I installed Roman rods without listening to other people’s suggestions. During the installation, I found that there were too many shortcomings of Roman rods. And I asked a classmate who has decoration experience, he said that smart people now choose curtain boxes to install curtains, which are much more beautiful than Roman poles.

It is not practical to choose Roman poles for installing curtains!

1. The curtains leak light, which affects sleep

The master bedroom at home does not have a curtain box, and directly uses Roman rods. After checking in, I found that the creases on the top leaked a lot of light. It is sunlight in the morning and street lights in the evening, just look at the picture below.

I am a person who is more sensitive to light. Although I use thicker blackout curtains, I still can’t stand the light leakage The whole place, I can’t wake up in the morning and can’t sleep at night. At night, when you go downstairs for a walk, you will also see the light in your bedroom leaking from the top of the curtains, which looks very low and affects your mood.

2. The two levers are too ugly, I don’t like them

It may be due to regional differences. In our local curtain market, we did not find a good-looking Roman pole. It will be used.

Without the cover of the curtain box, the installed Roman poles look abrupt, the two levers are too ugly, and the balls at both ends are too eye-catching, and it doesn’t match the simple decoration style of the home at all. I really don’t know why so many people like this style. As for the slide rails, they are even more ugly.

If the curtain box could be made at that time, at least the Roman rod and slide rail could be hidden. The picture below is a photo taken at a friend’s house. The curtain box hides the Roman rod very well. It looks comfortable, simple and beautiful.

3. Prepare to add curtains, it is heartbreaking to spend money

It is impossible to redo the curtain box, for To solve the problem of light leakage at the top, a window curtain is going to be installed in the near future. After wandering around the market, I found that the price of window curtains is super expensive, and it will cost thousands of oceans. At the beginning of the renovation, the carpenter should have made a curtain box out of plasterboard, and it didn’t cost much, and it was all caused by his own ignorance. Now that I think about it, the carpenter was too lazy to make curtains in order to save trouble.

If it is suitable for the installation of the curtain box, please pay attention to the following points:

1. With the development and progress of the times, a kind of equipment called “Roman pole” is used on the market. It is itself an artistic facility with visual beauty. The curtain box, a bit superfluous taste, but it backfired.

2. Curtain rods have gradually replaced curtain boxes, which has become a trend. Curtain rods are usually easy to take care of and more convenient to maintain. It is a good choice. The method of making wall cabinets full of walls was very popular about seven or eight years ago, but as the decoration becomes more and more simplified, this method is rarely used in the decoration process of modern homes.

3. If the curtains in your home are of the “roll-up” type, and the curtain rails or bed curtain heads you use are all practical, then for the sake of beauty, you should make a curtain On the contrary, if it is a complete set of upper roller blinds and the size is large, there is no need to install them. If you have to install one, it may have aesthetic problems. It needs to be designed to try to block the defects.

4. If your home is decorated in European style or Chinese style, and you use ordinary curtain rails, you need to install A curtain box not only plays an aesthetic role, but also can unify the overall style.

If you want to install curtains in your home and meet the installation conditions of the curtain box, then don’t choose Roman poles. Suggestions from others, avoid detours!

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