What color curtains go with yellow floor tiles? How to match the curtain color?

When people decorate the house, they need to pay attention to the overall collocation, so as to have a good aesthetic. The colors of the floor tiles and curtains must echo, Many people want to know what color curtains match yellow floor tiles. A good match can have a good effect. People need to know more about how to match the curtain colors.

What color curtains go with yellow floor tiles?

1. In fact, the color of the curtains at home depends on the color of the wall, not just the color of the floor. If the wall is white, it is recommended to choose darker curtains. This will make the whole space look better.

2. From an aesthetic point of view, golden yellow floor tiles can look better with brown red or bay red furniture. For curtains, it is recommended that you choose lotus root color with white gauze curtains, which can be more classy sense, and beautiful.

How to match the curtain color?

1. If you want the curtains to look good, we also need to consider the material of the curtains themselves. If it is used in the living room, most of the furniture in the living room is made of fabric, solid wood or leather Yes, we are more suitable to use curtains made of fiber fabrics. The bedroom is mainly for warmth and sleep aids, and lace or gauze curtains can also be used. This makes the whole space more textured. In this way, the matching of curtains depends on the occasion and space, and the decorative atmosphere of different spaces depends on these external colors for matching. Therefore, it is also skillful to know where to match what kind of curtains.

2. The first is the color matching skills. The most important point is to match the interior color. Secondly, the curtains should not exceed three colors, otherwise it will give people a miscellaneous feeling. It is not conducive to the precipitation of mood, and it is easy to make people feel irritable. The curtains in the master bedroom should not be pink, which represents the luck of the peach blossoms. It is said that it will affect the relationship between husband and wife. Color can affect mood, and this research is not groundless. Curtain collocation pays attention to color. After all, there are so many curtains with different colors, styles, designs and patterns.

3. The size of the window and the cultural background and personality of the resident should also be considered in the matching of curtains. The curtains of the houses where the elderly live should be calm and elegant, while the curtains of the young people’s homes or children’s rooms can be appropriately different in color, especially for children’s rooms. Colorful and bright colors can help children form a cheerful personality. According to this method of curtain matching, then focus on your own habits and hobbies, as well as your family’s love for colors. Knowing this, I didn’t expect that there are so many details about curtain matching!

After reading the above introduction, people will know what color curtains match yellow floor tiles. You will feel very comfortable. How to match the curtain colors needs to be considered from many aspects. It doesn’t matter if you match well, you can have a better look.

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