How about orchid grass curtains? What are the purchasing skills of curtains?

Curtains are an important part of home decoration. You can add bright color contrast to emphasize the decorative effect of curtains and change the visual effect of the room. But if you want to choose a suitable curtain, you must A lot of time is wasted, and it is very important to do homework in advance, so today I will introduce to you how about orchid grass curtains? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

1. How about orchid grass curtains?

Orchid grass was founded in In 1989, after 20 years of unremitting efforts, it has become a national home textile enterprise. At present, it has more than ten chain stores in China. It focuses on fabric products and integrates the production, sales, A comprehensive enterprise integrating installation and service.

Over the years, Orchid Grass has created many remarkable achievements in the industry: the first to propose the concept of experiential consumption in the industry; the first to establish brand interaction and cooperation; the first domestic VIP series service; Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in the National Home Furnishing Fabric Design Competition; it has honors such as “National Top Ten Home Textile Retail Brands” and “Top Ten Home Furnishing Brands Affecting Chengdu People’s Lives”.

Orchid Grass advocates artistic aesthetics and environmental aesthetics, aiming to combine soft decoration art with home environment, environment, and public environment, and push enterprises to the height of social responsibility.

Second, what are the skills of choosing curtains?

Choose the location of home curtains: warm curtains should be chosen in the living room, which are both warm and luxurious; Just use green; it is better to choose balanced color and static color curtains for the bedroom; white is suitable for the dining room; for a north-facing room with dark light, it is suitable for neutral and cool tones, with an elegant mood; for a sunny room with better lighting, choose hanging curtains. Maroon or yellow curtains, in order to adjust the strong light into soft astigmatism.

When choosing the color and material of curtains, you should also distinguish the different characteristics of the seasons: in summer, use thin, transparent and soft yarn or silk, and light colors are better, which are breathable and cool; Fine and dense flannelette, warm and heavy in color, to highlight the thickness and warmth; in spring and autumn, thick ice silk, flower cloth, imitation silk, etc. are mainly used, and the color is preferably medium color. And calico curtains are lively and lively, suitable for all seasons. The choice of curtain color focuses on “coordination”. Its tone and texture need to be coordinated with the furniture of the room, the decoration style of the room, and the walls, floors, and ceilings of the room to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty.

How about orchid grass curtains? What are the tips for choosing curtains? I will introduce so much for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Choose a high-quality and reasonable curtain to make your home more beautiful.

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