Matters about installing curtains at home? Tips for curtain installation?

Curtains are a kind of decoration for home decoration, and they can also play a very good functional role. Warm. When installing curtains, everyone needs to know what are the matters for installing curtains at home, and what are the small suggestions for curtain installation. These contents have certain reference functions for installing curtains.

Is it necessary to install curtains at home?

1. First of all, when buying curtains, regardless of the price, you must consider the environmental protection of the curtain fabrics. The most basic principle is that there is no pungent smell and no formaldehyde. When the curtains are selected to install the track, the track is generally installed above the window frame. If it is an inward-opening window, it must be explained to the merchant in advance. The inward-opening window has a special narrow slideway, which does not affect the window opening.

2. Color matching. The color matching of curtains must consider the color of the wall and the color of the furniture. You must choose all these colors in the early stage of decoration, so that you will know when you choose the color of the curtains How to start instead of choosing simply because of personal preference, the effect of such a combination is not very good.

3. There is a basic principle to determine whether your home is suitable for installing full-wall curtains or small curtains. When the length of the window accounts for one-half of the length of the current wall, choose full-wall curtains. When the walls on both sides are smaller than the length of the window, it is also suitable for large curtains on the entire wall. When the window is less than half of the position, choose good curtains.

4. Large curtains are suitable for the curtains of the living room and the master bedroom, especially blinds are suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, the convenience of cleaning should be considered when choosing the blinds. The second bedroom or small room can also choose the style of fabric shutters. When using Roman blinds, you must pay attention to the fact that the windows open outwards. There is no way to install Roman blinds on windows that open inwards. Because the track of the Roman blinds has a certain height and is installed on the inside of the window cover to affect the opening of the windows. This detail must be paid attention to. , if the window is an inward-opening window, you can only choose a casement curtain.

Suggestions for curtain installation?

1. When installing curtains, you need to pay attention to the fact that the curtains are equipped with many small accessories, such as drapes, gauze curtains, window rails, etc. These are important accessories for curtains, and they are indispensable . Many owners will paste the wallpaper first and then install the track. In this way, it is easy to stain the wallpaper when installing the track, and it will be difficult to repair after punching the wrong hole. Therefore, the track should be installed first and then the wallpaper. In this way, the wrong holes can be covered by the wallpaper without affecting the appearance.

2. If the curtains installed at home are installed in the inner frame, mosquito screens must be installed at this time. We can reserve a position for installing mosquito screens when installing the track, which will not affect the installation of mosquito screens in the future.

The above introduces the issue of what is the matter of installing curtains at the door. I don’t know if you understand it. During installation, you need to choose different tracks and accessories according to the specific house size. What are the small suggestions for curtain installation? During installation, everyone should pay attention to curtain accessories and some common sense on the installation track. These are very important issues, and everyone needs to pay attention to them.

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