Fabric curtain matching rules to create a warm and romantic home

In modern home decoration, in order to create a warm and romantic home environment, in addition to using wallpaper, the most important contribution should be curtains. Fabric curtains are the best among them. Then How to match fabric curtains with the whole home environment? The following editor will teach you and introduce fabric curtain matching rules to help you create a warm and romantic home.

Rules for matching fabric curtains 1
Thin and light curtains make a small space appear transparent. Due to the small area of the dining area, using too heavy curtains will easily make the space narrower. Therefore, a thin Roman shade is used here with a thin striped flat-drawn curtain, and a layer of decorative curtains with flowers in the middle is very important. The hollow texture makes the overall feeling lighter.

The second rule of fabric curtain collocation
Choose the contrasting color of the main color of the room as the curtain color, which can play a role in balancing the overall color. In this example The wall of the living room is painted peach red, plus the big red floral sofa, the overall tone is more gorgeous, if you use the same color curtains, it will make the visual load too heavy, it is just right to use white floral curtains, the same color Roman curtains Complements the lack of shading function of carved curtains.

Three rules for matching fabric curtains
The combination of different materials not only enriches the form of curtains, but also makes them more Maximize the effect of curtains. The lighting in the study is very important. Venetian blinds are easy to adjust the intensity of light in the study, but they tend to look monotonous. Adding orange-red striped curtains makes the colors on the wall more active.

Fabric Curtain Matching Rule 4
Use the curtain eyebrow to cover the curtain rail or the hanging part of the curtain top, which can make the curtain more tidy and elegant. For the curtains in the corner of the game room, use two layers of lemon yellow and rose red The wavy eyebrows decorate the top of the curtain, which not only makes the overall curtain more tidy, but also makes the original striped curtain lively.

Fabric Curtain Collocation Rule 5
When designing curtains, we should pay attention to the situation, vary from person to person, and design according to the characteristics of the window and the personality of the user. For example, the curtains in the children’s room adopt a split design. The arc-shaped part of the half is made of natural folds of special-shaped curtains with cotton cloth, fixed on the window frame with Velcro, which is very convenient to disassemble and clean; the lower part is a roller blind made of colored striped cotton cloth. There is a high fork at the lower part of the curtain, and buttons and buttonholes are provided on both sides. In this way, even when the roller blind is put down, it is very convenient to open one corner of the roller blind and fix it on the corresponding part with buttons , to get the light, in line with the needs of children.

Fabric curtain collocation rule six
The fabric used for curtains does not necessarily have to be cut from one piece of fabric, but can also be inlaid with different fabrics. The windows here are relatively narrow, so simple flat-drawn curtains are chosen. The curtains themselves are made of two kinds of thin cotton fabrics of different designs and colors. Double layered green muslin cotton. Although the colors are different, because they are all green, they still look very coordinated and add a sense of hierarchy. At the same time, the thicker fine check cloth also plays a role in enhancing the drape of the curtains.

Fabric curtain collocation rule 7
It is not necessary to use curtain rails or curtain rods for curtain installation, but curtain hooks can also be used. Because arc-shaped windows cannot be installed with conventional window rails or window rods, multiple curtain hooks are used instead of window rails, and are evenly installed above the arc-shaped window frames to fix the curtains. When not in use, the curtains can be lifted and tied with drawstrings on either side of the window.

The eighth rule of fabric curtain collocation
When choosing the material of the curtain, it depends on the function of the living room. Certainly. Here is a small bar in the corner of the kitchen, next to the sink, and not far from the stove, so wooden blinds are chosen as curtains. The curtains organically synthesized with log wood powder can be waterproof, will not be mildewed, and are fire-resistant and flame-retardant, and are not easy to deform. In addition, honeycomb curtains are suitable for kitchen applications, which are both heat-insulating and waterproof.

Fabric curtain collocation rule nine
The color of the curtain can be consistent with the color of the large indoor furniture, or it can be the sum of the colors of several main furniture. The combined sofa in the living room is black, the coffee table is red, and small accessories such as cushions and fruit bowls also use black and red as the theme colors. Therefore, the curtains are made of black and red striped canvas to emphasize the interior color theme and also integrate the space. All the color elements in the interior are unified, and the harmony is greatly enhanced.

Ten rules for matching fabric curtains
Single-layer roller blinds can also meet the needs of shading and privacy protection. Most people think that the bedroom needs more privacy protection. Therefore, the curtains needed in the bedroom are a layer of blackout cloth, a layer of curtain cloth, and a layer of window screens, layered on top of each other, making the originally small room more comfortable. Crowded, but in fact, ordinary roller blinds are enough to meet the needs of shading and blocking sight. The single-layer roller blinds used in combination are not only convenient to adjust the indoor light, but also light and simple. After being pulled up, they become part of the wall, making the indoor space look more spacious.

Rules 11 for fabric curtain collocation
Curtains are not necessarily long and can be dragged to the floor, according to actual needs , the length can be adjusted flexibly, the half curtain is very practical in the kitchen. The kitchen does not have high requirements for privacy. Therefore, a half curtain with a length of only about 60 cm is used here. The kitchen is generally not facing north and south, so the light will not be too strong. While the half curtain blocks part of the light to a limited extent, it will not block all the sight. When working in the kitchen, you can still see some scenery outside the window, which will make you feel happy in the kitchen.

Rules 12 for Fabric Curtains
The combination of different types of decorative curtains will have a more decorative effect. This is the transitional part between the living room and the balcony. Because there are curtains on the balcony, the requirements for shading are not high, as long as it can block the line of sight. Therefore, the design scheme of combining the use of two layers of decorative curtains is adopted. The black decorative curtain is the base color, which is in harmony with the color of the sofa, and the hollow white curtain is an additional layer to enhance the decoration, and it also echoes the color of the side table.

The above are the collocation rules of fabric curtains that I want to tell you, hoping to add a beautiful scenery to your living room.

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