Selection and collocation of indoor curtain fabrics, which of the four styles of curtains do you want?

How to choose curtains to match the effect? We use a very versatile method in curtain fabric art. Let me tell you about it Selection and collocation of indoor curtain fabrics, see which of the following four styles of curtains you want.

1. Modern style curtain fabric
Modern style pays attention to sophistication, and the choice of curtain fabric is more inclined to one color, which can be matched with the main color of the house. In the choice of curtain fabric material, there are more choices of man-made fiber, cotton, and linen. When buying curtains, ask about shrinkage clearly. The choice of color only needs to be a solid color that matches the color of the room.

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Editor’s reminder: Modern style does not refer to the calmness of color, on the contrary, the color should jump out and be more gorgeous There is nothing wrong with the color of the curtains. When choosing curtains, you can choose bright colors such as rose red and yellow to highlight the characteristics of the curtains. In fact, the curtains can also be beautiful.

2. American style Curtain fabric
When matching curtains, first look at the theme of the house. The style in the picture is American Moroccan style, so it is more distinctive when matching curtain fabrics. From the color matching of the room and The selection of curtain materials shows that this is a children’s room. The unique shape and the child’s innocence allow the characteristics of the curtains to be integrated into the room. When choosing curtains for a children’s room, environmental protection and health issues must be considered, so the material is very important.

Editor’s Reminder: When choosing curtains in American style, try to focus on individuality, and heavy tones can better match the theme of the house. American style is a casual and uninhibited life, and it also has a strong historical charm, just grasp the color when choosing curtains.

3. European style curtain fabric
If the home is European-style, then the choice of curtain fabric needs to be longer to have an aesthetic feeling of being dragged on the ground. The curtain fabric in the picture is a European-style bedroom rendering, and the height of the material selection is 2.8 meters. The arched lace with European characteristics is used in the production of lace, and the color of the fabric belt can be consistent with the color of the curtain fabric.

< strong>Reminder from the editor: European style is more luxurious when choosing curtains. Considering the color problem When it comes to problems, the curtains in the bedroom should try to choose plain and clean tones, which can wrap up the sleeping state. And the curtains in the living room can choose slightly more gorgeous gold and flower colors to match.

4. Pastoral style curtain fabric
The pastoral style curtains always give people a simple and elegant feeling, and the thin veils add a lot of sentiment and reverie. Life in the living room will breed an indescribable exotic style. The countryside is advocating the freshness of nature, so the choice of curtain fabric is mostly linen, adding a layer of veil to the curtain fabric to make romance follow.

Editor’s Reminder: The colorful and patterned veil can be used as the bottom layer, and then add A layer of linen curtain fabric, such a double-layer curtain is a choice of pastoral style, taking into account practicality, and can also be applied to any living room.

Choice and collocation of curtain fabrics Choose according to your own style and the color of the house. In a heavy space, you might as well choose brighter colors for the curtains. It is low-key, and it can also block light while ensuring sleep.

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