What Curtains Go With Chinese Style Decoration Chinese Style Decoration Curtain Matching Tips

Chinese decoration is currently a very popular decoration style, which often gives people an elegant and calm feeling. If you want to create a perfect home decoration, this curtain match It is very important, so What kind of curtains are suitable for Chinese-style decoration? Today I will introduce to you the matching skills of Chinese-style decoration curtains, hoping to help all owners to decorate a satisfactory Chinese-style home.

1. What kind of curtains are good for Chinese-style decoration

1. Sunset yellow: Purple-red horizontal stripes and prisms are used in many Chinese-style furniture Noble mahogany, so yellow and purple are used for matching effect.

2. Light brown: If you choose rosewood furniture more at home, you can use light brown curtains with large patterns, This kind of simple design and color is more suitable for it, without too strong contrast, it can create a simple, quiet feeling, very harmonious.

Pictures of Chinese-style decoration curtains (please click: curtain renderings)

3. Beige and coffee color:< /strong>It is both dirt-resistant and high-grade. If the indoor sunlight is strong, use dark coffee to have a certain sunshade effect. If the indoor sunlight is not strong, use light coffee to brighten the indoor light. The living room is decorated with hollowed-out embroidered cloth with yellow as the background color, which will look more classy.

4. Matching with the floor:

1) If the room is used slightly With yellow floors, curtains can use the law of adjacent colors. Green adjacent to yellow is better, and can create a very warm atmosphere.

2) If the room uses white floors, use off-white Such a lighter color combination will give people a sense of tranquility, and will not cause the feeling that the wall color is heavy and the floor color is light.

Chinese style home decoration curtain collocation

5. Chinese style curtain:

Chinese-style decoration Of course, Chinese-style curtains are easier to match. You don’t need to think about it. You just need to understand its matching skills, such as: decoration matching skills, space matching skills. Mastering the skills, matching curtains is very simple.

1) Decoration and collocation skills: Curtain attention and The other furnishings in the room match the grades of the furnishings. Pay attention to the coordination with the larger cloth items such as bedspreads, carpets, sofa covers, etc. There can be some common points in color or pattern, and internal harmony can enhance the overall cohesion of the room. sense.

2) Space collocation skills: Use cool colors for small rooms and warm colors for large rooms, which can be selected according to the colors of indoor carpets, floors, wallpapers, and sofas. There are many kinds of curtain fabrics, and according to the style and color of the room, consider the material: pure cotton, pure linen, brocade, chemical fiber, cotton and linen, etc.

How to match the curtains for Chinese living room decoration

Chinese decoration curtain matching skills:

1. Match with home decoration: Different rooms have different functions, and the choice of curtains is also endless same. For families with conditions, it is recommended to keep two sets of curtains, because seasonal factors affect the decorative effect of curtains.

2. Matching with the decoration style: It is very suitable for Chinese decoration to use bamboo curtains in primary colors. Bamboo curtains are specially dyed and designed to give off a lively, modern feel, as well as a touch of retro sentiment.

3. Match with the size and shape of the window: Windows have different sizes and shapes. Different curtain styles should be considered when purchasing curtains. Choosing the right curtain style can make up for the defects of the window type.

Chinese-style bedroom decoration curtain matching renderings

4. Matching with large-area glass viewing windows: It is recommended to use Roman blinds. Roman blinds use less cloth and are stacked when stored, which is more three-dimensional and can save space. If you use the method of splicing Roman blinds, the decorative effect will be better.

There are many matching skills for Chinese-style decoration curtains. When choosing curtains, pay attention to the above matching skills. I believe that many homeowners can decorate a satisfactory Chinese-style home. What kind of curtains are suitable for Chinese decoration, the editor will introduce the content to you here, I hope you can gain something, and the owners who need to decorate the home, the editor recommends applying for decoration services, free room measurement, free delivery Budget, free design plan, and third-party protection, let you decorate more worry-free, and decorate a satisfactory home!

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