Do you need curtains on the balcony? Too many people pretend to be wrong, and regret knowing it too late!

Are you confused when you see this question? How can I install curtains on the balcony? Isn’t the balcony just to let the sun shine in? But as long as you have lived at home for a long time, you will know this problem, especially in the south, where the sun is strong, and the sun is too hot in the house at noon, so you need curtains to cover it, but people who live in the north, do you also need Consider this question? That is inevitable. The light is very strong between 12.00 and 14.00 noon in the north, and curtains are also used. Many people are still struggling with this problem. The editor specifically got to know many decoration masters to see what they said.

The main concern of whether to install curtains on the balcony

In fact, whether to install the balcony or not The main focus of installing curtains is whether the balcony is connected to other spatial areas, such as the balcony and the living room, the balcony and the bedroom, and whether there is a partition between the two, such as a sliding door. Or no door, which is the main sticking point. As long as you find this point, you can see if you need to install curtains.

There are sliding doors and other partitions

If there are sliding doors and other partitions here In between, then there is no need to install curtains on the balcony, just install the curtains on the indoor side; save the light from the balcony, and some friends will draw the curtains for privacy, even in the daytime, in this case, if you install On the balcony, it will prevent the clothes drying on the balcony from drying, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, whether to install curtains or not depends on the structure of the home. If the structure of your home is different from that of others, there is no need for you to imitate it.

No partition blocking

Of course, if there is no partition between the balcony and other areas If you want to block it, then you must install curtains on the balcony, otherwise you will feel too insecure at home. After all, there are quite a lot of voyeurs now. Maybe you don’t know how many pairs of eyes are staring at you in the front building of your house. You should take precautions and pay attention to personal privacy.

But if you like to install curtains between the balcony and the sliding door, it’s okay, then install blackout curtains on the balcony , to maintain privacy; install gauze curtains indoors to add a little romance and at the same time block the glare of the sun during the day. Why not do it? Isn’t it the best of both worlds? Happy. Ha ha.

Now that we know the installation problem of curtains, let’s briefly talk about what kind of curtains are suitable for installation. It is safer to choose double-layer curtains. When you have nothing to do, draw the gauze curtains to adjust the atmosphere; the material of the curtains is preferably fabric, and it will be much more convenient to clean. There are not so many requirements. The curtains are still easy to disassemble. In daily life, the curtains are relatively easy to be stained with dust. Everyone must clean them regularly to develop a good living environment. Health is the first priority.

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