My aunt taught me a trick, and I no longer have to worry about cleaning the curtains! I regret knowing it’s too late!

How often do you clean your curtains? Many people’s curtains are cleaned every Chinese New Year. But the dirt and dust on the curtains belong to our home, especially the newly bought curtains must be cleaned, otherwise the formaldehyde will adhere to the curtains and it is not easy to spread. So, today I will share with you how to clean different curtains, so that you can save the cleaning method of curtains, and let you quickly clean curtains.

1. Velvet curtains

Soak the curtains in neutral alkaline cleaning first In the liquid, press lightly with your hands. After washing, put it on the inclined shelf to let the water drip and dry automatically, and the curtain will be clean as new.

2. Soft gauze curtain

Close the window before cleaning, spray an appropriate amount of water or polish on it, and then dry it with a rag That’s it. The drawstring of the curtain can be wiped gently with a soft brush. If the curtains are dirty, you can use a rag dipped in some warm water-soluble detergent to clean, or wipe with a little ammonia solution.

3. Cotton/linen curtains

After cleaning the curtains It is not easy to dry. It is recommended to wash it in summer. It needs to be ironed after washing. The effect of hanging ironing is also good! If it happens to be cleaned in winter, it is advisable to use a sponge dipped in some warm water or a mixture of soap solution and ammonia solution to wipe it, and hang it to dry.

4. Ordinary fiber fabric curtains

For some curtains made of ordinary fabrics, they can be wiped with a damp cloth or placed in clean water in a conventional way Or wash in the washing machine.

5. Silk curtains

It is composed of protein fibers, very delicate and not Note that it will cause fluff and flowering, and it is not advisable to rub hard when washing, nor can it be machine washed. When washing, silk products should be soaked in clean water at 30°C for 5-10 minutes, then gently rubbed with special silk detergent, synthetic low-foaming detergent or neutral soap, and then rinsed in clean water. High-grade silk fabric dry clean.

6. High-precision embroidery

Do not dry clean or machine wash, otherwise the embroidery will be a mess after washing, and the embroidery thread will fall apart. It should be hand washed alone in cold or warm water with a mild detergent. Soak in water for a few minutes, rinse carefully, but do not rub or squeeze, use a soft cotton cloth or sponge dampened with neutral detergent to gently scrub the embroidery surface to remove stains.

7. Water wave mantle curtain

It is recommended to dry cleaning, daily cleaning, use The vacuum cleaner first sucks out the dust, then gently sweeps it with a soft feather brush. It should be noted that the decorative lace must not be damaged, otherwise the taste of the home will fall to the bottom in an instant!

8. Roman blind

Many people don’t know that this kind of curtain can be disassembled and washed. They often ask, such a large piece cannot be thrown in the washing machine It is too troublesome to wash inside! In fact, the brackets and tracks in the Roman blind can be separated from the curtain. The curtain only needs to be removed and soaked in neutral or weak alkaline detergent, and then thrown into the washing machine for cleaning.

9. Bamboo and wood finished curtains

It is recommended to spray on and take off before use Mold cleaner, wipe with a dry cloth every 1-3 months. Do not wipe with a damp cloth to avoid leaving marks. Some wooden roller blinds really need to be cleaned with water. Use a soft brush with a moderate detergent, then rinse with running water, wipe and dry.

Curtains of different materials require different cleaning methods. Everyone knows how hard it is to clean the curtains once, so we must clean them thoroughly. The editor taught you the above method of cleaning curtains, I hope you can use it, we can be more thorough, more convenient and faster when we clean the curtains next time. Have you learned it? Try it now!

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