What color to choose for the living room curtains? Don’t worry about it anymore, listen to what the professionals have to say!

In the past, people often used curtains to make their homes have a better concealment, but now curtains have more functions and can play a decorative effect, so the color of curtains also more and more. Faced with so many colors, consumers will always feel confused when making choices. Today, let’s talk about what color to choose for the living room curtains.

1. Pure color series

1. Pure color curtains are generally very grand , Hanging in the living room is especially upscale. However, certain principles must be followed in the choice of color.

2. Classic dark brown curtains with white gauze. No matter what style the living room is, it can be matched. This is a relatively safe color.

3. Camel curtains and white gauze are also a very classic combination. In addition, the color of the living room carpet also has camel parts, and the matching is more harmonious.

4. Green curtains, green is not a very safe color, but if there are green elements on the wall or sofa in the living room, then it is very correct to choose green curtains. When they are combined, there will be unexpected effects, especially beautiful.

Second, floral series

1. Curtains of floral series It will give people a rural, small and fresh feeling, which is very suitable for American country style decoration. Just looking at the curtains in the above picture may feel too much, but if there is a sofa of the same color in the living room, do you think it is just right? This is collocation.

2. Retro floral curtains, retro floral sofa, strong American country style, especially leisurely. This is a plaid curtain, and it can be very atmospheric when hung in the living room, with an unexpected Southeast Asian style.

3. Purple polka-dot curtains seem to be a difficult color to match, but if the sofa at home is also the same color and pattern, it will not feel awkward, and there will be a sense of mystery.

3. Color-blocking series

Color-blocking curtains are also in recent years The more popular ones are spliced together by two or three solid-color fabrics.

The stitching of blue and yellow, the yellow is bright and bright, and the blue is quiet. The combination of these two colors is particularly beautiful. Color-blocking curtains can also have a variety of splicing designs, and owners can give full play to their subjective initiative, but one thing to remember is that at least one of the colors to be spelled appears on the furniture and echoes.

Fourth, warm colors

Whether the curtains are double-layered or single-layered , it depends on the lighting in your living room. If the window is facing the sun and your living room is covered with beige wallpaper, I personally think it would be better to use a single layer of wallpaper (thicker), but if you want to look romantic, use a double layer. Layers, but double layers are not conducive to cleaning. As for the color, the description of your living room should be dominated by cool tones, so it is recommended that the color of the curtains can be mixed with patterns to create a little sense of hierarchy, and it can also cause a little impact on the vision. Fresh warm tones dominate.

The above are some common living room curtain colors, you can use them as a reference. But in my opinion, the color of the curtains depends on the color of other furniture. You must know how to match them to get the effect. Don’t choose the color of the curtains independently.

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