Do I need to add gauze to the curtains in the living room? How to choose gauze curtains?

The choice of curtains in the living room is important. Many consumers like to choose curtains with gauze curtains, so many people are wondering, should we add gauze to the curtains in the living room? , At the same time, I also want to know how to choose the gauze curtain, so that the matching effect will be better, and it will also appear more spacious and bright. You can find out in the following article.

1. Should we add yarn to the curtains in the living room:

1. Lighting Strong, layered gauze is right, if the light is not strong, it is not necessary, but the bedroom must have reflective cloth, so that you can sleep well in the morning. Yarn is still useful, because the family needs to move around in summer, and the sunshade cloth is not enough light in the room, so it is just right to use yarn, but the sunshade cloth is still needed, it is the bedroom, otherwise sleep will be affected, and the load on the air conditioner will also increase . But also moisturizing.

2. If you want sunshine but don’t want to expose the environment, you can also add gauze. If the distance between buildings is too close, it can block the line of sight, and a layer of gauze is so thin, it’s just right for the light , neither too dazzling nor cut off the sun. Nowadays, many families in general have added gauze, which is beautiful and practical. At night in summer, you can just draw the gauze curtain, if you still draw the thick curtain, you will feel hotter.

3. The curtain cloth is a sunshade cloth, which completely blocks the light. It is better to wear a layer of inner yarn. The sunlight is not very strong. Just pull the inner yarn to let the sunlight penetrate into the room. Then sit on the sofa in the living room, drink tea, what a pleasant life.

Second, how to choose the gauze curtain:

1. Dimming gauze curtain: double-layer roller blind, day and night curtain, rainbow curtain, soft and beautiful Silk etc. It not only combines the advantages of cloth and yarn, but also integrates the functions of venetian blinds, roller blinds, and Roman blinds. It is European style, double-layer fabrics, and can adjust local light. When the curtain is opened, you can look at the outdoor scenery and the light penetrating into the room is soft and comfortable. When the curtain is closed, it is completely isolated from the outdoors, ensuring privacy and showing the simplicity and elegance of the soft gauze curtain.

2. Functional gauze curtain: The gauze curtain is durable and will not be deformed or discolored by sunlight like ordinary roller blinds, and it also has the function of heat insulation and effective blocking of ultraviolet rays. It can isolate 98% of ultraviolet rays and protect indoor items from ultraviolet rays. The surface of the cord is treated with high temperature, high pressure and anti-static, the cord is not easy to accumulate dust, the cleaning and maintenance are simple and convenient, and the fabric is not easy to deform.

3. Decorative gauze curtains: general gauze curtains have a soft texture and a faintly visible beauty. . In the past few years, the gauze curtains were basically white, and they were generally used as window gauzes and placed inside the curtains to set off. With people’s different preferences for gauze curtains, gauze curtains have appeared in color and have been loved by many young people.  

The above is the introduction of whether yarn should be added to the curtains of the living room, and how to choose enough yarn curtains for the living room. , I hope you can choose a more suitable curtain.

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