How to choose living room curtains? Living room curtain size calculation?

The living room is a place that needs to be focused on in decoration, and it must be considered and scientifically designed in all aspects. If the overall effect of the living room is to be full of characteristics, the selection of curtains and other decorations is also very important, so how to choose living room curtains and how to calculate the size of living room curtains has become what everyone needs to understand and master in detail. Let’s take a look at some knowledge about living room curtains.

How to choose living room curtains

1. When choosing curtains First of all, the main color of the living room should be considered, mainly the wall color of the living room. For example, if the wall is a greenish theme color, then the curtains should be yellow, which is quite coordinated with the true love candle. Another example is that the living room has a yellow-themed wall. On the contrary, you can choose green curtains. It should be noted that the color should be lighter and not too dark.

2. In terms of the style of curtain selection in the living room, for some small areas or decorations, it is good to use curtains that are simple to install; if you want to create a romantic living room, you might as well use a curtain Use light-transmitting or semi-transparent blinds or organ curtains, which are semi-dark and hazy, which is also quite meaningful; silky roller blinds are also a good choice for creating a poetic living room.

3. In the selection of the pattern of the curtains in the living room, the coordination of the decoration theme of the living room is mainly considered. The fresh and bright pastoral scenery pattern is suitable for the country style; The pattern is also suitable for classical styles such as Chinese style.

4. In terms of materials, generally speaking, curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, thin gauze, mesh cloth, etc. can not only pass through a certain degree of natural light, but also can It gives people a sense of privacy and security in the interior during the day. Moreover, because this kind of fabric has the characteristics of soft texture and lightness, it is better to hang it on the window.

Living room curtain size calculation

1. Width measurement: Generally, the width of the curtain should be twice the width of the Roman rod or the track, if the length of the Roman rod If the width is 3 meters, you should choose curtains with a width of about 6 meters. Generally, the curtains are divided into two pieces, so each piece should be a curtain with a width of three meters. At the same time, you have to take into account the design of the folds and hooks, which will waste fabric.

2. Height measurement: Generally, the curtain track is installed on the top more firmly, so the height of the window should be measured from the roof or the top of the curtain box. Floor-to-ceiling windows need to be measured from the top to the ground, that is, the actual height of the room minus 5-10cm is the height of the curtains you want to make. For the bay window, you only need to directly measure the inner height of your window and then subtract 2-5cm.

3. The size of the curtain should also consider the installation method of the curtain, which is generally divided into hook type and punching type. The difference between these two installation methods will also lead to changes in the height of the curtain. Both of these methods have to subtract 5-10 cm errors in the actual processing process.

4. Generally, during the curtain making process, the size of the curtain decoration should also be calculated, mainly the calculation of the curtains and valances. If there is a certain need for the curtains and valances, the calculation of the size can let the merchants help.

People say that the living room is the face of the family. This is true. When it comes to living rooms, every detail is given great attention. Living room curtains are an important part of decorating the living room, so how to choose the living room curtains and how to calculate the size of the living room curtains are all the owners should pay more attention to.

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