Dangers of silver blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains?

Whether it is summer or winter, many people are used to drawing the curtains when sleeping. The room is darker and the sleep is more secure, so they choose silver blackout curtains for the toilet. The effect is relatively good, but many people say that such curtains are of poor quality and harmful to the body, so people are not at ease when they see this. So the editor will introduce the dangers of silver blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains?

Hazards of silver blackout curtains

1. One kind of coated shade cloth, the other is flocked shade cloth. They are all made of ordinary curtain cloth through dyeing coating, so as to achieve the shading effect. In addition, there are many types of silver-coated shade cloth. When everyone is analyzing the hazards of blackout curtains, it must also depend on the specific product.

2. Generally speaking, in order to achieve the shading effect of the blackout curtains we often see, the fabrics are in two layers or two or more layers. The blackout curtain itself will have a pungent smell after being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. If the shading effect is better. Then the more layers of fabric, the more coatings.

3. Sometimes the blackout curtains purchased are of substandard quality. These blackout curtains are also generally less expensive. We can also analyze from the price of blackout curtains. Generally, the price of medium-priced blackout curtains is about 500 yuan. Therefore, when purchasing, you must not lose your health for petty profits.

4. Experts suggest that first of all, when purchasing, everyone must choose better quality blackout curtains. Products that do not meet the quality requirements are blackout curtains that are not environmentally friendly, so they are also harmful to human health.

5. When we are buying blackout curtains, we must also look for the brand’s blackout curtains. And also check whether these brands of blackout curtains have quality inspection reports. Then for the thickness of the blackout curtains, it is recommended to choose a moderate one.

Selection skills of blackout curtains

1. Smell first when choosing Anti-formaldehyde

Some blackout curtains do contain chemical and toxic ingredients, which will cause harm to the human body, mainly because some manufacturers add a layer of double-sided silver blackout cloth, glue and blackout coating to ordinary curtains in order to save costs Excessive use will cause its pungent smell, and even the chemical substances exceed the standard. It will emit a harmful gas under the sunlight, so you can smell it first when choosing.

2. Buy curtains according to the light decoration

When purchasing blackout curtains, they should not only block light, but also be beautiful. A layer of translucent gauze curtains, pull the gauze curtains during the day, which not only prevents the sun from drying out the furniture, but also has a hazy aesthetic feeling. If there is a west window in the living room, choose blackout curtains to block the sun from the west. For the north bedroom, you can choose brighter and light-transmitting curtains to increase the brightness of the room.

The above are the dangers of the silver blackout curtains introduced by the editor? How to choose blackout curtains? We have already understood the problem of curtains. We know that the effect of curtains is to block sunlight, but everyone must consider its environmental protection. The price of curtains in the market is not fixed. We can choose better quality according to our living conditions. curtains.

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