What color is the custom-made office curtain? Office curtain matching skills?

Whether it is an office or a home, curtains are an indispensable thing. When you buy this, you should buy it in combination with the style of the whole home. You don’t buy it at will. It doesn’t match the style of the home, so some people want to order an office curtain, but they don’t know which colors are more suitable, and at the same time, they don’t know what the matching skills of the office curtain are.

What color is the custom-made office curtain?

1. Milky white curtains Milky white is close to white, but softer than white. It is also a very versatile color. Choose milky white for office curtains. collocation. Milky white gives people a feeling of freshness and relaxation, and can relax and relieve tension in busy work. Create a better work environment.

2. Blue curtains, blue gives people a sense of tranquility. It is very suitable for such a tense environment in the office, so the curtain color of the office is blue to give employees a feeling of being away from the world, clean and elegant, and it is easy to calm down the irritable mood. In terms of collocation, the green background looks radiant, the white background looks clean and dry, and the black background can increase the brightness.

Office curtain matching skills?

1. Curtain series: fabric curtains, office roller blinds, electric roller blinds, venetian blinds, blackout curtains, aluminum alloy horizontal and vertical louvers, sunny fabric roller blinds, venetian blinds, blackout curtains, sunlight Fabric roller blinds, inkjet curtains, electric ceiling curtains, pleated curtains, bamboo curtains, Roman shades, crystal curtains, sunshade and breathable curtains, wooden venetian blinds, stage curtains, shower curtains, flame retardant curtains, etc.

2. Office curtain series: all kinds of high-end domestic and imported office roller shutters, electric roller shutters, aluminum alloy shutters, office vertical curtains, wooden shutters.

3. Decorative cloth series: high-grade imported fabrics, curtain fabrics, window screen fabrics, furniture fabrics, domestic high-end and high-end curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, other decorative fabrics, linen and other textiles.

4. Other products: sofa covers, chair covers, table skirts, chair skirts, tablecloths, tablecloths, mouthcloths, etc.

5. Our advantages: affordable price, considerate service, factory direct sales, satisfying you! Rich experience and exquisite sewing technology.

From the introduction of the article, we already know the colors of custom-made office curtains. If it is an office, it is recommended that you choose some lighter colors. Light colors are versatile. Any style will match, so there will be no mismatch at all. Moreover, I also introduced the matching skills of office curtains. You can refer to them.

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