Curtain making Korean fold formula table which curtain fabric is better

When purchasing curtains, you must first understand the style and material of the curtains and whether they are suitable for the home decoration style, so that the selected curtains are more suitable for use. Do you know how to calculate the formula for choosing Korean folds for curtains? If you don’t understand the calculation method, the fabric may be wasted. Let’s take a look at what the curtain making Korean folding formula table is. When choosing curtains, you need to know which curtain fabric is better, so that you can choose curtains that are more suitable for your home decoration style.

Curtain making Korean folding formula table

1. Folding materials ( That is, the fabric that can be used for discounts) = semi-finished curtain width (the fabric on the side of the car, our three-meter cloth car is 291CM) — finished curtain width (window width/2+5CM) that is: 291CM—155CM=136CM ( These are fabrics that can be used for discounts)

2. The number of folds (calculate the total number of discounts) = finished curtain width * 6 (generally, 6 discounts per meter It looks better) That is: 155CM*6=9.3 discounts, we can remove the decimals, either 9 discounts or 10 discounts. We will do 10 folds here

3. Fold size (fabric used for each fold) = (folding material— margin) / number of folds (margin to make a folding distance The distance between the selvedges is generally 3-5CM) that is: 136-6 (two margins on the left and right sides, each 3CM)/10=13CM (material for each fold)

4. Fold spacing (distance between folds) = finished curtain width / (number of folds — 1) ie: 155 / (10 — 1) = 17.2CM.

Which curtain fabric is better

1. Cotton and linen curtains

Advantages: good moisture absorption and breathability, soft luster, simple and natural appearance.

2. Polyester curtains

Advantages: waterproof and oil-proof, non-toxic and cool, strong in sunlight and acid and alkali resistance. .

3. Flannel curtains

Advantages: soft hand feeling, strong drape, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, strong color fastness.

4. Plastic aluminum blinds

Advantages: Good shading effect, easy to clean, suitable for installation in the kitchen.

5. Wooden curtains (also divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving, rattan weaving, etc.)

Advantages: strong decoration, good air permeability, energy Show style and taste, natural and simple.

6. Sheer curtain

Advantages: Elegant and light, beautiful and cool, good moisture absorption.

The curtain making Korean folding formula table introduces the specific calculation method. If you don’t know how to calculate it, you must understand the corresponding formula for conversion, so that you can correctly understand the size of the curtain and avoid waste. Happening. Which curtain fabric is better, different curtain fabrics have different advantages, you should choose fabrics with strong decoration and good air permeability, which can show the style and taste of decoration, and also have a good aesthetic effect, you can refer to it.

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