How to clean the curtains? I was stunned after reading it!

Curtains are easy to accumulate dust during long-term use. How to clean the curtains is a very troublesome problem. It takes time and effort to disassemble and clean each time, and improper operation may damage the curtains.

Before cleaning the curtains, first determine what method and detergent to use according to the type of curtain fabric. Different curtains require different cleaning methods and detergents. Here are some common cleaning methods for curtains.

Vacuum cleaner cleaning method

There is a lot of dust on the curtains, use a vacuum cleaner You can easily remove dust, and you can clean the curtains without disassembly. You can clean them once a week, and you don’t have to worry about breeding bacteria and mites anymore!

Steam cleaning method

If your home uses a steam vacuum cleaner, it would be even better. Switch to steam mode and clean again, and the curtains will become spotless! Curtains made of different materials require different cleaning methods. If you throw it into the washing machine and wash the curtains, the loss outweighs the gain

Velvet curtain

Velvet is made of velvet, which feels delicate and rich in texture, and the fabric is thick The shading effect is good, but it is easy to deform. In order to prevent the fabric from becoming hard and wrinkled, the velvet curtains should be soaked in neutral laundry detergent, press lightly with your hands, and the washed curtains should be placed on the rack to dry.

venetian blinds

Before cleaning the curtains, close the curtains first, spray some water or polish on the window leaves, and wipe them with a rag to keep them clean and bright for a long time. The drawstrings of the curtains can be wiped gently with a soft bristle brush.

Roller shade

Pull it off and wipe with a damp cloth. The roller is usually hollow, and a thin stick with fluff on one end can be stretched in and rotated continuously, which can easily remove the dust inside.

Canvas or hemp curtains

Sponge with warm water or soap solution or ammonia solution mixed liquid to wipe, roll up after drying, this method saves time and effort, and the effect is better.

Polyester Curtains

Polyester fabric is the most common curtain material. This material is durable and easy to care for. You can usually clean it with a damp cloth. If washing, put it directly into the washing machine and use neutral detergent to clean it.

Electrostatic flocking curtains

This kind of curtains must not be rubbed or scrubbed in water, just use cotton yarn dipped in a small amount of alcohol or gasoline Just wipe it lightly. If the flannelette is too wet, do not wring it hard, so as to avoid the fluff falling off and affecting the appearance. The moisture can be removed by pressing with both hands or let it dry naturally, which can keep the original appearance of the flocking.

Austrian lace window

When cleaning, first use a clothes vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the lace, and then gently sweep it with a soft feather brush But be careful not to break or skew the decorative lace. Curtains made of ordinary fabrics can be wiped with a damp cloth, or washed normally in plain water or in a washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Cotton and linen curtains

Cotton and linen are natural materials, environmentally friendly and Comfortable, especially favored by young people. However, cotton and linen fabrics are easy to wrinkle. If it is a single-layer thinner cotton and linen curtain, do not machine wash it, wash it gently by hand. In order to prevent wrinkles, you can dry it with water. Do not wring out.


The blades are the easiest to accumulate dust and need to be cleaned regularly. You can try this lazy cleaning method, wrap a rag around the iron clip, pour some diluted cleaning solution, and scrub. You can try this lazy cleaning method, wrap a rag around the iron clip, pour some diluted cleaning solution, and scrub.

For the health of your family, remember to clean the curtains regularly~ The bacteria and dust hidden in the curtains are much more serious than smog!

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