Curtain color selection skills? Curtain color selection precautions?

With the increase of economic strength, many people began to have higher requirements for curtains. Now there are curtains of various materials and colors in the market, but curtains are not It’s not just about looking good, the entire curtain also needs to match the decoration style of the overall room, so many people have problems in this regard, and then I will start with the selection skills of curtain colors and the precautions for choosing curtain colors Give you some suggestions.

 How to choose curtain color?

 1. Therefore, the overall effect of the room should be considered, and the corresponding curtain styles, colors and patterns should be selected according to different decoration styles. Dark curtains look solemn and generous; thin curtain fabrics with light tones and strong light transmission are better, which can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect. The color of the curtains in the living room is selected from the sofa pattern. For example, the white Italian sofa is often decorated with pink and green patterns, and the curtains may wish to use pink or green fabrics to echo each other. If the indoor tone is soft, and in order to make the curtains more decorative, you can use strong contrast techniques, such as hanging blue-purple curtains on the goose-yellow walls; on the contrary, if there are brightly colored landscape paintings in the living room, or other colorful Decorations, furniture, etc., the curtains are more elegant.

 2. Secondly, the color and pattern of the curtains should be considered. The design and color of the fabric should be coordinated with the living room and determined according to the environment and season of the area. It is advisable to choose fabrics with cool colors in summer, fabrics with warm colors in winter, and fabrics with neutral colors in spring and autumn. Finally, the color of the living room curtains can also be determined according to the decoration style. Different styles have certain requirements for decoration elements and colors, so matching the overall style can make the whole living room environment more harmonious and harmonious.

 3. Modern style, Nordic style, minimalist style. When people enter the living room, the first impression is of course not on the curtains. What color of the curtains in the living room can attract attention? If the color is too bright and cannot be integrated with the style, it can be ignored if it is too simple and elegant; so one trick is to find out the color integration point of the living room. Modern, Nordic and minimalist styles all have in common that they are simple, so what color is the best color for the living room curtains? Black, white and gray or low-key dark blue and deep purple are good choices.

 4. European style, French style, British style. Nobility and elegance are their common features. The soft decoration of the house adopts a more luxurious concept. What color curtains are good to highlight their elegance and comfort? Gold, silver, and white interlaced make the curtains in the living room attract attention and Blend into the environment. Mediterranean style, American country, Korean pastoral. These three styles are biased towards nature, and their commonality lies in their concept. What color is the best color for the living room curtains to reflect the feelings? Light sky blue, white and brown are all good choices. The material selection is lighter and can swing with the wind to create A dynamic effect. /4, Southeast Asian, Japanese, Chinese. They all represent a strong national color. Of course, the color of the curtains in the living room needs to be selected according to their furniture. The colors in Southeast Asia are rich, but most of them are dark brown; the elegant Japanese style makes the curtains in the living room a worry. Choose, but most people will choose beige that is similar to the floor; and most Chinese-style curtains are also mainly dark.

 5. The color of the curtains in the living room should be close to the ground. If the ground is purple, the curtains can choose pink, pink and other colors similar to the ground. , the floor is chestnut red, and then choose chestnut red curtains, the room will appear narrow. Therefore, when the color contrast between the ground and the furniture is strong, you can choose the color of the ground; when the contrast between the ground color and the color of the furniture is weak, you can choose the color of the furniture.

 6. If the color of the ground and the color of the furniture cannot be used as a reference, you can also choose the color system according to the color of the light. The warm color light system of orange can be matched with cool colors such as beige and fruit green. For the milky white neutral light system, warm colors such as beige, light coffee, and light red can be selected. In addition, avoid disharmonious color matching when choosing. Generally speaking, red and green, green and orange, red and blue, and yellow and purple are not harmonious.

 Curtain color selection precautions?

 1. Try to avoid similar colors between curtains, walls and furniture, such as walls that are yellowish The curtains are also in beige and apricot yellow, which seem harmonious, but in fact, if you stay in such a color-matched room for a long time, you will inevitably feel “dizzy” psychologically; it is also like using medium green curtains on a light lake-colored wall. Although the color is uniform, it gives people a cold feeling. Floor-to-ceiling long curtains can create a quiet and warm atmosphere; but in smaller rooms, small windows tend to reduce sunlight exposure, so it is advisable to choose blinds that allow a lot of light to pass through.

 2. In larger rooms, use cloth curtains; cloth curtains help sleep and block the bad influence of the outside world; It’s nerve-wracking and hard to unwind, but the adverse effect can be lessened if you hang thick cloth curtains on the windows.

 3. The restaurant is suitable for white curtains, avoid gray, mustard yellow, purple or turquoise, because it will be off-putting. If you’re on a diet, go blue, green, or gray.

 4. If the window faces a glass curtain wall building, the glass curtain wall will reflect sunlight into the house, forming a “light evil”, which makes people emotionally unstable and prone to mental problems. Sheer curtains should be drawn down until sunset, because the glass-curtained building is only a mirror after sunset, and there is no evil spirit; if there are neon light tubes outside the windows, the curtains should be drawn day and night.

 If the windows are facing the hospital or sharp corners, unclean things, etc., and they are very close, wooden shutters should be installed on the windows to prevent evil spirits from entering, and they should be opened as little as possible should.

 Too heavy curtains will reduce the reunion of family members, and gorgeous patterns will have rare visitors. Simple and plain patterns or patterns are the best choices for home window decorations.

 After reading the above content, I believe everyone has accumulated some experience in choosing curtains, but it should be noted that the selection of curtains should not only meet the owner’s own preferences, but also pay attention to the decoration style of the entire room , I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone.

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