This kind of curtain is popular now, it is so beautiful to hang like this!

With the in-depth development of the Internet, more and more people experience the benefits brought by smart home to life. Smart electric curtains are high-tech products born along with the application of traditional curtains , because it is easy to use, smart and simple, it has been loved by most people, but there are also concerns. The following editor will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains, hoping to help everyone in their decoration and purchase.

The most basic function of curtains is to protect the owner’s personal privacy, shade and dust, but traditional curtains require us to pull them by hand, so we feel very troublesome to open them early and close them every day, especially It is the larger curtains of some villas or hotels, which are heavy and long, and require us to use a lot of force to open and close the curtains, which is very inconvenient; therefore, electric curtain products have developed rapidly in recent years and are widely used in high-end In the fields of apartments, high-end hotels and villas, the curtains will automatically open and close as long as you hold the remote control lightly, which is super convenient; the smart home control system can also realize advanced control functions such as curtain timing and fixed-point switches, scene control, etc., truly making the curtains Become a beautiful landscape of modern home.

One: Features of electric curtains

1. Opening and closing power

The main motor can choose DC or AC according to the size of the curtain. If the window area is large, it can be guided by wire rope or guide rail.

2. It can be used in a wide range of applications

It can be used in the living room and bedroom at home, and it is beautiful and generous. In conference rooms and villas with large windows, it will not look very low-end, and the opening and closing also saves manpower and material resources. Whether it is a floor-to-ceiling window or an ordinary window, electric curtains can be installed with buttons, which is widely used.

3. Longer service life

A more durable aluminum track rod is used. In order to ensure safety and firmness, a metal wire sports track is also inserted, which can reach a service life of more than 10 years. In the daily opening and closing process, if there is an obstacle, it can automatically stop, which plays a better protective role.

4. There are many choices of curtain materials

There are various choices of fabric curtain materials, whether it is pure cotton, linen, polyester or other commonly used materials, they can be installed on electric curtains, and the overall effect is the same as that of manual curtains.

5. Flexible and low noise

When the curtain is opened and closed automatically, the operation of the curtain is smooth and smooth, which has less impact on the noise of the space where it is located.

6. The operation mode can be selected

The opening and closing of the curtain can be controlled by remote control or buttons, or manual operation can be used to switch between the two methods. If you want to control multiple curtains at the same time, there is also a group control function option, which is very smart and convenient.

7. Easier for daily use

In terms of shading, as long as you choose a fabric with shading function, it is no different from commonly used curtains. Some curtains also have multiple functions such as sound insulation and heat insulation. Electric fabric opening and closing curtains will be more convenient and easier to use on these basis.

Two: Three advantages of electric curtain

1. The composition of smart curtains is simple and simple, and it is complicated and complicated. Simply put, smart curtains are traditional curtains that can “move”. You can pull it up “by yourself”.

2. Easier to use: For the elderly with limited mobility, the benefits of smart curtains are more, as long as you hold the wireless controller, you can easily pull the curtains. The opening and closing time of the curtains every day, even the alarm clock is saved.

3. Multi-level consideration: I don’t know if you have the same confusion as the editor. Electric curtains are convenient, but what should you do in case of a power outage? Sui Sui can you say that the designer has fully considered this issue when designing? Electric curtains can also be pulled manually, and they are less noisy than traditional curtains. You can really feel what is called “mute effect”.

Three: Three major disadvantages of electric curtains

1. High price: This is also the “feature” of all smart home appliances. If you want to live a comfortable and comfortable life, you can’t be too expensive.

2. Limited lifespan: No matter whether the electric curtains use a brushed DC motor or a brushless DC motor, they all have a limited lifespan, ranging from 3 to 5 years.

3. Imperfect after-sales service: Once there is a problem with the electric curtain, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that it will be repaired within 24 hours. After all, it is a high-tech product. From this perspective, it is not very convenient.

The above is the knowledge about electric curtains compiled by the editor. Whether to choose electric curtains or not depends on everyone’s opinion about it The degree of mind of the three shortcomings, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom, and everyone should consider carefully whether to choose electric curtains in the end. I hope it will be useful for you when choosing curtains.

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