Curtain Color Matching Tips How To Choose Household Curtains

Many people pay more attention to home decoration. After all, the quality of decoration directly affects the overall quality of life of later residents. The purpose of installing curtains in the home is to better protect privacy, and at the same time block the outside line of sight to prevent some ultraviolet rays from entering, but in order to achieve better decoration, you should pay attention to the color matching skills of curtains , the following also introduces how to choose and buy household curtains for you.

Curtain color matching skills

If the decoration in our home is simple Style, then we can match the curtains with gray tones, and match them with gray and white, which can play a luxurious, elegant and relatively low-key role. If the home decoration is relatively Korean and simple, we can use log color and white to match. The combination of these two colors makes people feel very calm, comfortable and natural at the same time, and the space will appear more harmonious. The style will also appear very simple, but without losing the sentiment, with a little personality but not ostentatious.

If the home is a relatively warm home decoration, we can use some blue and white to match. This kind of color matching can heal people’s depressed mood, and it looks very comfortable, as if staying with the blue ocean and white clouds every day, it is really happy.

How to choose home curtains

1. Measure the size, there are many In order to save trouble, it is completely unnecessary for people who sell cloth or curtain rods to come to measure the size and package installation. Use a ruler to measure the width of the window, pay attention to adding the width of the window cover, it is best to add 10 cm to each side, and then multiply by 2 times (this is the standard fold ratio of curtains 1:2, if you don’t need folds, you can save money by not multiplying by 2), It is the number of meters of curtains you need.

2. Choose curtains——Curtain rods are generally metal or wooden, and metal ones are generally hollow. It can be connected with a special connector, so that it will not be too difficult to install and carry. There are many rings on the curtain rod, and the two ends are covered with beautiful decorative heads, which is beautiful and generous. The curtain rod is suitable for use in the open place, and it is integrated with the curtain style to increase the decorative color.

3. Fabric selection. There are many kinds of curtain fabrics. It depends on the style and color of your room. Also consider the material, pure cotton, chemical fiber, cotton and linen, pure linen, brocade and so on. Small patterned drapes are used on small walls, while bold patterns are used on large windows. Use cool colors for small rooms and warm colors for large rooms, which can be selected according to the colors of indoor wallpapers, sofas, carpets, and floors.

About curtain color matching skills and how to choose home curtains, the above introduction is actually very clear. The color matching of curtains cannot be too abrupt with the overall home decoration style, otherwise the aesthetics will be nothing no longer exists. There are so many colors and styles of curtains on the market. When choosing, you should first measure the size, then determine the style and find the right fabric.

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