Use these 6 kinds of curtain colors in the living room, rich people choose this way, no wonder they are getting richer and richer!

Many people don’t know how to choose curtains after the living room is decorated. Well, I have been thinking about this question for a long time, and now I will introduce some knowledge about the curtains in the living room.

What color is the best color for curtains 1. Brown

Coffee color has a noble temperament. The decoration and sunlight filtering effect are good, and the effect of matching the wallpaper will be better. If the window is surrounded by white, it may not be So ideal.

What color is good for curtains? Second, pink

Pink curtains should be used as little as possible. It causes people to suffer from cerebral neurasthenia, restlessness, panic, and temper tantrums, and quarrels often occur.

< strong>What color is good for curtains? 3. Purple curtains

Purple has a romantic, noble, elegant and mysterious temperament. Not all living rooms are suitable. If your living room is well decorated, you can Choose purple curtains directly.

What color is the best color for curtains? Fourth, gray curtains

Gray gives people the feeling of being dirty and tasteless. It is suitable for small areas In the living room, the shielding effect is good. If you are a person who likes simplicity and low-key, you can choose gray curtains.

What color is good for curtains? Five, white curtains

White gives people a clean, tidy, and generous feeling. White curtains are indeed one of the best curtains.

What color is the best color for the curtains 6. There is also an auspicious way to match colors

For example, if you use white in the northwest, it will promote the luck of nobles, and if you use brown/earth colors in the southwest, it will increase the stability of your home. The use of yellow in the southwest is to increase the luck of peach blossoms. The east is beneficial to red, representing festive enthusiasm, which is beneficial to career and study; the south is beneficial to green, which has a catalytic effect on interpersonal relationships. The west is beneficial to yellow, which promotes wealth; the north is beneficial to orange, which is beneficial to the relationship between husband and wife.

Taboos for choosing curtain colors

1. Do not use too much Red or black is the main color in the house, because too red or too black will make people impulsive.

2. The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the walls and ceiling one. In science, the smallpox represents the sky, the floor represents the earth, and the walls represent people. The color of the wall should be between the ceiling and the floor, that is, it should be darker than the ceiling and lighter than the floor, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of heaven, earth and people.

The color matching of curtains and the ground is taboo

The color matching of red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple, these colors match Together, people will have a bad psychological feeling.

After reading so much information about the color matching of living room curtains, everyone has confidence in the creation of their own living room. What color curtains to use, as long as its tone matches the tone of the entire home space, it can create a better effect.

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