How to match home decoration curtains, how to match home decoration curtains

Many people say that curtains are the eyes of the home, so everyone is serious when choosing curtains, but not everyone can fully grasp how to match home decoration curtains . So how to match home decoration curtains? Let’s take a look at how to match home decoration curtains.

According to the functional area collocation

In addition to the decorative function, the curtain is more important It is to protect privacy and adjust light. Therefore, you can choose dark fabrics for bedroom curtains, which have good shading properties and can promote sleep. Especially black and red curtains are a good choice for insomniacs.

The curtains in the living room have the function of showing the taste and pursuit of the owner, so the choice of curtains for the living room should be based on the personality of the owner to create a different atmosphere.

The curtain design of the children’s room should be combined with the nature of the child. The curtains generally choose cute cartoon patterns, bright colors, and individual shapes to please the little master. It is worth reminding that since children are naturally active, they sometimes play hide-and-seek with the curtains, or even bite the curtains with their teeth, so when choosing curtains for your children, you must fully consider health and environmental issues.

Due to humidity and oily fumes in kitchens and bathrooms, it is more appropriate to use blinds; in addition, it is more suitable to choose wooden or bamboo curtains in leisure rooms and tea rooms, and to choose curtains made of light-resistant and non-fading materials for balconies; You can choose fabrics with good light transmission, which helps you relax and think about problems.

The color matching of curtains

The living room should choose warm color curtains, which looks warm and luxurious; the study room should use green; the bedroom should choose balanced colors and static colors The curtains are better; the dining room is best to use white, if you use yellow as the base and decorate with white net buckles, it will play the role of icing on the cake; the room facing north with dark light is suitable for neutral and cool tones, and the mood is elegant; the lighting is better In a sunny room, hang millet red or yellow curtains, which will adjust the strong light into soft astigmatism.

Curtain style collocation

Curtains are hung in different ways, forming flat pull, wave, knot, hanging, semi-hanging and up and down opening And other curtain styles. For different rooms and different windows, the length and width of curtains should be different. The curtains in the living room or large room are more generous in the hanging floor-to-ceiling style; for tall and narrow windows, you can choose short curtains with a curtain length 20 cm lower than the window sill. To increase the window width; for windows in small rooms, you can use short curtains with both ends of the wall facing each other to make the room feel wider; for large rooms, small windows or small partial windows, you should choose short curtains, the curtain width It is advisable to be 30 to 40 cm wider than the window. In addition, the use of horizontal pattern curtains can make the living room appear wider; vertical pattern curtains can make the living room “higher”. The opening method of curtains should also be varied. In principle, small-area windows should be single-opening; large-area windows should be split;

For the knowledge of how to match home decoration curtains, we first understand here. Since every owner generally pays more attention to curtains, and often does not have much opinion when choosing curtains, so for everyone Here is this article on what kind of curtains to choose for home decoration, to help you choose the desired home curtains.

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