Master bedroom curtain feng shui? What color is taboo for bedroom curtains?

For people in the bedroom, when decorating, they must install curtains, which can not only protect privacy, but also block the noise from the outside. Sometimes, the aspect is more important. The master bedroom curtains are what people need to master. In addition, what colors are taboo for the bedroom curtains is also to be understood.

Master bedroom curtains?

1. The color of the curtains in the bedroom should be the same as the pattern of the environment. Generally speaking, if there is a lack of sunlight in the bedroom, the color of the curtains should be dominated by warm colors, such as khaki Or pink and other colors, generally can play a role in supporting the home.

2. There will be some trendy and alternative patterns on some curtains, which may cater to the novelty-seeking psychology of young people, but it may imply bad luck on the curtains. After all, some grotesque patterns can easily destroy people’s fortune, and they are also unfavorable to the magnetic field of the house, causing people’s personality to be suppressed and affected.

3. In general, extreme colors such as bright red or black should not appear in the bedroom. If you are impulsive, you will easily get into unnecessary disasters, and the bedroom will also be affected.

4. Of course, for the curtains in the bedroom, it is best to find out the color you like. It is mainly earthy yellow. If you want to exuberant the bedroom, it is recommended to place a “Seven Star Peaceful Town” in the bedroom to professionally exuberant the magnetic field of the residence.

What color is taboo for bedroom curtains?

1. The color matching of bedroom curtains must match the style of the home. For better health and emotional maintenance.

2. In the bedroom curtain fengshui, the curtain must not choose an unlucky pattern. This kind of meaning is not good, and it will have a bad impact on the health and love of the family. For example, there are many skeletons, dolls with strange shapes, and ferocious animals. pattern, we should avoid using it.

3. Among the taboo colors for bedroom curtains, it is best not to choose black and red, because these two extreme colors will cause people to have bad emotions, and it is easy to make people’s emotions develop towards extremes. Also, pay attention to the combination of azimuth and fengshui. One is to use white in the northwest to promote the luck of the nobles. The other is to use brown or earthy colors in the southwest to increase the stable energy of parents. The other is to use yellow chandeliers in the southwest. It can bring luck to you who are single.

The curtains in the master bedroom have already been introduced to you. While purchasing, people need to know what colors are taboo for bedroom curtains, and the colors that cannot be selected must not be selected, otherwise it will have a great impact on people.

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