Choose the bay window curtains and be an elegant woman!

There are so many bay windows, and after a long time of careful decoration, they are finally finished. So have you chosen the curtains? Choosing curtains is a science. If you choose them well, you can have a good night’s dream by shading the light at night, and see through the light during the day with sufficient light. The whole is warm, romantic and charming! Wondering how to choose the right curtains? Look down, the editor will tell you!

First, the type of curtain selection

There are many types of curtains, most of which are used on bay windows are cloth curtains, gauze curtains, Roman blinds, and blinds There are several kinds of curtains. Each type of curtain has different characteristics and can be used alone, or several different curtains can be matched together. Among them, the cloth curtain has good absorbency and air permeability, but it is easy to wrinkle and get dirty, and its heat dissipation is also slightly poor. The gauze curtain has good luster, many colors, and the fabric is light, breathable and light-transmitting, but it is easy to damage. Roman blinds have good shading performance, a strong sense of hierarchy, and are more atmospheric overall. Venetian blinds are made of wood and metal, with strong operability, good sound insulation and shading effects.

Second, curtain color selection

Curtains are generally installed after the interior decoration is completed. Therefore, when choosing curtains, you can’t treat it as a separate individual, and it should match the main color of the room. If the interior is dominated by light colors such as white and light blue, the curtains can be matched with white gauze and bright cloth curtains. If the interior is dark in color, the curtains should be mainly Roman shades in gold, dark blue and other colors.

In addition, curtains are different from other furniture in terms of price and easy replacement. According to the changes of the scenery outside the window in four seasons, the indoor curtains can also be replaced from time to time, which not only brings the outside scenery into the home, but also adjusts the indoor temperature.

Third, the choice of curtains in different places

The curtains used in different places have different requirements. The bay window in the living room needs luxurious, comfortable and atmospheric curtains to match. The bay windows in the study room and dining room should be equipped with gauze curtains with good air permeability and light transmission. The bedroom is the main place for us to sleep and rest, so the curtains of the bay windows here must consider shading and breathability. Curtains in the bathroom and kitchen are prone to stains, and blinds that are more stain-resistant and easy to clean are particularly important here.

Fourth, the choice of curtain style

There are various styles of curtains, but good-looking styles are not necessarily suitable for every bay window. When choosing a curtain style, you should choose according to the size and geometric shape of the bay window.

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