4 point curtain decoration home is not an exaggeration to say that it is the finishing touch

The decorative function of curtains is an important part in the soft decoration of decoration. Compared with other soft accessories, the area of curtains will be larger, so the effect is more obvious. Choosing a suitable curtain can greatly improve the visual effect of the entire home, but if the curtain is not well selected, It will have a great impact on the style of the entire home. So, how can we choose a satisfactory curtain?

Part1: The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the main color of the room

When choosing the color of the curtains, the color of the curtains must be To match the main color of the entire space. As a decoration with a striking area and effect, the choice of curtains cannot be based solely on your own preferences, but the combination effect between the whole is important.

Part 2: Curtain material affects the overall style

There are many kinds of curtain materials, such as cotton, polyester cotton, linen, knitted Polyester and various blends, etc.

For a space with a small area, light and thin curtains are a good choice, it will make the whole space appear brighter and more transparent, and have the visual effect of increasing the space However, if you choose curtains with heavy materials, the space will appear too depressing, so it is not suitable for small spaces.

Part 3: Selection of curtain patterns and patterns

The selection of curtain patterns and patterns requires a combination of many factors. In addition to the overall style of the interior, the size of the window, the function of the room and other conditions should also be considered.

If the window is relatively short, the editor recommends choosing a vertical pattern, which will also have the effect of increasing the space visually. If you choose a horizontal pattern, it will make the window appear shorter. In addition, the pattern of curtains used in small windows should not choose a larger style.

For the curtains in the old man’s room, it is better to have patterns and patterns that tend to be calm. The pattern pattern of the curtains in the young people’s room just follow the feeling. Curtains in the children’s room, the choice of patterns, lively and childlike styles are very good.

Part 4: Window orientation affects the type of curtain

There are many types of curtains, such as Venetian blinds, cloth curtains, Roman blinds and bamboo blinds, etc. One of the functions of curtains is to block sunlight. Therefore, the orientation of the windows in the living room also affects our choice of curtains.

When the sun rises in the morning, it can always gather a lot of light. Therefore, when choosing the east window, you must grasp the light transmittance of the curtains, which can neither completely block the sunlight , nor let the sun be too glaring. Therefore, it is very good to choose soft textured venetian blinds or vertical curtains for the curtains of the east windows.

The window on the west side is directly illuminated by the setting sun, and it is even more intense in summer. Therefore, the windows on the west side should choose curtains that can significantly reduce the light intensity. The specially treated blackout curtains can refract the sunlight that hits it and reduce the intensity of the sunlight.

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