How to choose curtains How to choose curtains

Because the fabrics of curtains are different in thickness, and the colors and patterns are also different. Function; for example, a room with a lot of sun requires heavy curtain fabric to block the sun, while a room with less sun needs light and thin curtains to transmit light, and increase the indoor light source when protecting privacy. Therefore, when choosing curtains, you should choose according to your needs. How to choose curtains? How should we choose curtains? Let’s take a look.

How to choose curtains< strong>Clarify the purpose:

To protect privacy, block strong light, enhance warmth, or simply decorate, first clarify the purpose of each fabric curtain. With this foundation, choose curtains< /strong>There will be no major mistakes.

In a house, the privacy of bedrooms and bathrooms is the most important. Therefore, when choosing fabric curtains, it is necessary to consider its color and thickness, especially After turning on the lights at night, whether the activities of people in the room can be seen outside. In the living room, study room, kitchen and other areas, there is no need to cover anything, and you can choose lighter curtains.

How to choose curtainsChoose fabrics:

When choosing fabrics, the orientation of the window often has a great influence. Windows facing south have better light , tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. North-facing rooms are often cold and dark, so you should choose warm-colored and somewhat thick curtains to increase the temperature. Heating is generally installed under the windows, and you should choose curtains with good heat resistance fabrics, and at the same time, it will not block the heat from the heating into the room. Rooms facing east or west will be stimulated by several strong sunlight every day, so special treated fabrics should be used.

Or It is a neutral color fabric, otherwise it will fade or change color, and it can also have a certain heat insulation performance. Natural fibers, cotton, linen and silk wool fabrics have a good drape and are comfortable to the touch. They are very good fabrics. But natural fibers are not suitable Due to the stimulation of high temperature and strong light, it cannot be used in a room exposed to the sun. Man-made fiber or synthetic fiber fabrics, after special treatment, are superior to natural fiber fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, wrinkle resistance and discoloration resistance, and are more practical.

How to choose curtainsStyle selection:

Ordinary windows usually use opposite curtains Style, with curtain rods or slide rails. For narrow windows (less than 1.5 meters in width), you can use a single opening. For rooms with fast light changes, Roman blinds should be used, and the hem position of the curtains can be adjusted at will through manual or electronic control devices , to control how much light enters the room . If furniture is placed in front of the window, Roman blinds can also be installed, which is more convenient to open and does not take up space. Roman blinds are also suitable for hexagonal or arc-shaped rooms. In such a house, the windows will be divided into several parts. Roman blinds can ensure a good connection between each curtain. The bay window design also uses Roman blinds, which are installed in the window frame to save fabric and space. Roman blinds can be made into flat, fan-shaped or water wave blinds, etc., which can be selected according to style and fabric.

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