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As the most commonly used shading and decorative home textile products, curtains also involve related issues in terms of color, so bedroom curtain colors have What should be paid attention to? Different directions of the bedroom correspond to different colors, so I will tell you what color curtains are more suitable for the four sides of the bedroom.

Bedroom curtain color: east

In traditional culture, the east side of the bedroom represents auspiciousness and good luck. The direction belongs to the wood attribute, full of vitality and strength, and makes people feel the young and wild spirit, so red curtains are suitable for bay windows in this direction, which can bring people full of energy.

Bedroom curtain color: west

The west direction of the bedroom is a symbol of family business wealth and power. Wealth Qi and wealth luck have a good effect. And this direction is metal, hanging yellow curtains in the west can bring good wealth luck, and making people win wealth is career luck.

Bedroom curtain color: south

The south orientation of the bedroom is related to people’s health and social relations. The direction is full of vitality and vitality, and belongs to the attribute of fire in the five elements, so you can hang green curtains in the south, which not only has a sense of vitality in spring, but also helps people’s physical and mental health and interpersonal relationships.

Color of bedroom curtains: north

The north side of the bedroom is water in nature, and it has a great relationship with people’s love, so if you are a couple or a couple In the bedroom where you live, you should choose orange curtains to decorate the bay window in the north direction, because orange is bold, cheerful and positive. It can stabilize the harmonious relationship between husband and wife and strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

Bedroom curtain color: Taboo

In addition to paying attention to the color of the curtains in the four directions of the bedroom, there are still some taboos in the bedroom. Note that the pattern of the curtains should be auspicious and full of meaning. Don’t match black and red together, because mixing the two will bring people uneasy emotions. You can choose white and other colors to mix and match, which will look harmonious Some.

Bedroom curtain color What are the problems that need attention? I believe that many people are adding When making curtains, you choose the color of the curtains according to your own preferences, but after some understanding today, you should know what color curtains are more suitable for different directions in the bedroom. I hope it can bring you some help.

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